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Why would you devil harlots want Slutty teen girl selfies control the Hall boys' minds? Are you whores and witches?

She outlines her urgent plea in a blog post that includes half-naked photos of her saintly sons flexing their muscles at the beach. It's not meant to be ironic. Hall begins her post — entitled "FYI If you're a teenage girl ," because she's hip to teen lingo and double standards — by telling gals that she has information that might interest them. The other night, the Hall family sat around the dining-room table and looked at a bunch of teenage girls' social media feeds, as they "sometimes do" when they're not participating in other normal family activities like playing Chutes and Ladders or stoning impure women.

And boys notice things about girls — you may have been showing off your "cute bedroom," as Hall's daughter noted, but her boys were more interested in your braless boobs.

This poses a problem, as the Halls are "genuinely" interested in keeping up with you, but only if you refrain from posing and pouting so as not to force her sons to get boners. It's not like the Halls would ever — oh, wait, here's a totally random shirtless photo of the Hall boys smirking while doing one-armed pushups and Slutty teen girl selfies their muscles on the beach!

That means the entire family analyzes your selfies over dessert and wonders "what you were Slutty teen girl selfies to do? Who are you trying to reach? What are you trying to say? And Old women gang bangs — big bummer — we have to block your posts.

Because, the reason we have these sometimes awkward family conversations around the table is that we care about our sons, just as we know your parents care about you. Slutty teen girl selfies know your family would not be thrilled at the thought of my teenage boys seeing you only in your towel. And so, in our house, there are no second chances, ladies. Every day I pray for the women my boys will love. I hope they will be drawn to real beauties, the kind of women who will leave them better people in the end.

I also pray that my sons will be worthy of this kind of woman, that they will be patient — and act honorably — while they wait for her. Don't fret, black magic mini-sluts! It's not too late to repent. Instead of addressing a letter to unnamed teenage girls, Hall could've had a shirt-optional chat with her sons called "FYI If you've been brainwashed by Biblical sexism. It's okay if you have sexual feelings! You're a sexual being! Girls are too. That doesn't mean you can treat them like objects.

You and you alone are responsible for your thoughts and actions. Get over this Madonna-whore complex while you still can. After some commenters expressed confusion they were Slutty teen girl selfies mostly pro-slut-shaming but in an equal opportunity kind of wayHall reposted the entire essay with more modest photos of her kids.

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