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Trust me, mate, women aren't Girls nude with paint toe nails obsessed with power as you, and men, are - generally. Classic case of projection, here, ladies, gents and my friends who may be otherwise-gendered. I don't think you understand women as well as you think you do.

It is very common for women do try and take power over their men. It is a way that women test their men, in order to see if he has the confidence to stand up for himself.

If he does the woman gains more respect for him. If he lets her walk all over him, she loses respect for him. Most women are not even aware they are testing men like this, which is likely why you Girls nude with paint toe nails understand it.

I understand women are far more scared of men than men will ever realise, or understand. I wonder if your partner has ever threatened, or indeed tried on three separate occasions to kill you, whilst also beating you on a regular basis.

Because mine has, and did. Forgive me if I'm not particularly concerned about a man's girlfriend getting him to paint her toenails oh dear God, no! What happened to you was terrible, but irrelevant to this discussion. Your bad experience does not make women mistreating or disrespecting men okay. Is her treatment of him the worst thing one human can do to another? Of course not. Just because she could do worse to him doesn't make it okay for her to treat him that way.

That's not what I was saying, dude. It's really weird Girls nude with paint toe nails me you interpret it as disrespectful.

Of late, my gf is making me paint her toenails. How do I refuse? I dont want to hurt her. Share Facebook. Why is my girlfriend making me paint her toenails? Add Opinion. Alexzktra Xper 5. Just say you don't want to do it? I'm sorry - that may have been too blunt.

Don't say THAT to her, whatever you do! What I'd do is, well, you can ask her why it's important to her. Don't sound accusatory when you do. I mean, you can just do it, this once, and ask while you're doing it, 'what is it about this that is different when I do it as opposed to you painting your own toenails?

I have a very stilted language style, I think. Don't talk like that, if you don't talk like that normally, she'll know something's up. And then try to figure it out from there, or - well, tell me what she said, I'll try to help, if I can : I like to think I'm good at understanding girls; being a girl, who's been around mostly other women my entire life same-sex schooling; mostly women in my household, my friends are almost entirely women and most of my more meaningful relationships have been with women.

Or maybe I'm just being bigheaded aahaha :. KBob93 Guru. And it is rather intimate for us. We feel it makes you happy when we're pretty, lol. Maybe this isn't enjoyable because it's not being very well reciprocated. Ask to have your back or feet rubbed. I Girls nude with paint toe nails my ex's feet a lot because he did Girls nude with paint toe nails lot for me. Sometimes he'd ask too because he got used to that gesture which made Girls nude with paint toe nails feel special.

How would she act if you asked her to wash your feet? Do you think she would get angry, or refuse to do it because it is degrading? Chances are she is having you do it to degrade you because she Girls nude with paint toe nails it is funny to have this much power over you.

Just tell her no. If it hurts her feelings that is too damn bad you aren't her slave, and she can get over it. If you stand up to her, she might get mad, but at least she will have more respect for you.

Show All Show Less. Because she is lazy and you didn't say no the first time. Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Can men wear skinny jeans with these boots? Is size 11 shoes unattractive for a girl? Is colored hair like mine a automatic no go for Girls nude with paint toe nails Do you like girls who wear makeup or are natural?

Sort Girls First Guys First. Though I didn't mind doing it before, I don't take an interest in it. Do it yourself. She makes you a sandwich, so I think you owe it to her to paint her toenails.

You just say you'd rather not. Or just paint them. Do you ever paint your wife's? Related myTakes. My opinion on why love and romance is unfair.

Why is casual sex and high partner count more damaging to women as opposed to men? Also, what is the link between casual sex and marriage?

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