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Author's note : Okay, so let me start out by saying that I do not own Naruto, nor do I make any money from it. Now that that's said, we Naruto sakura bath house move on to more important things, like the rating. It's M for language and some Naruto sakura bath house, not for lemon. Now Law mandate montana related sexual of my blabbering. Read, review, and enjoy! Boom Boom Boom!

Sasuke was impressed that his door could stand such relentless knocking; it was a miracle that it didn't fall in before he reached the handle. It came to no surprise that it was Uzumaki Naruto who had been pounding on his door. The blonde was panting as if he had just run a marathon, and his blue eyes held a kind of wild excitement.

Sasuke blinked, unsurprised by Naruto's unprecedented excitement. Naruto had been known to get this excited over very trivial things He made no attempt Naruto sakura bath house hide his disappointment when he saw that Sasuke did not share his enthusiasm.

Naruto sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair. Sakura and Hinata in that hot, steamy bath with nothing to cover up with but a small white towel. And then there's us, separated from our girlfriends only by a short, wooden barrier that is bound to have holes in it. Now tell me that's not exciting Naruto sakura bath house Naruto said, his smile still plastered on his face. That's not exciting. Can you imagine what would happen if Sakura caught me? I'd be dead in an instant," Sasuke said, doing very well at conveying the false notion that seeing Sakura naked was not worth the risk of being killed.

The grin on Naruto's face only spread wider. There are basically two ways to view this," Naruto said, Naruto sakura bath house up two fingers as a visual reference. The second is to think that it is our duty, as boyfriends, to make sure that our girlfriends are safe. Imagine what would happen if Naruto sakura bath house were attacked in the middle of their bath.

There they are, just washing their naked bodies, when two shuriken fly towards them! It's too much of a surprise for them. They're too vulnerable.

But then Sakura would be so Naruto sakura bath house that she'd probably run right out of the water, not bothering to pick Naruto sakura bath house a towel, and give you a great big hug! And then-" he didn't have to say anymore. Sasuke had to turn away from Naruto and shove his hand against his nose to stop any blood from dripping on his shirt. Yeah, the image was that strong. Naruto smiled and secretly thanked Jiraiya for telling him how to word everything.

Maybe the old perv did know what he was talking about. When he had stopped the bleeding, Sasuke turned to Naruto sakura bath house and said, "Well, if it will keep them safe. And with that, the two boys proceeded to the Konoha bath house to do their dutiful jobs as boyfriends. I guess I've just never been comfortable with the whole communal bath thing," Hinata mumbled and did her Anna sucks teddy bear to strip in a modest fashion, keeping her eyes locked on the locker in front of her.

Sakura sighed and shook her head. Since their boyfriends were so close, she had made a real effort to try and get to know Hinata. Unfortunately, Naruto sakura bath house seemed content to lock herself up in her shell, save for the time she spent with Naruto. No need to break out of your comfort zone, right? Hinata laughed nervously and nodded. Picking up on sarcasm was another one of her weak points.

Sakura was still working on that. After a few more minutes, the two girls wrapped up in their towels and headed for the doorway. Sakura was about to head for a small spring that they could share when she noticed that Hinata had remained rooted to the spot. It's really steamy out here and it's all girls anyway. No one is necessarily going to be looking around," Sakura said with a small chuckle.

Hinata glanced over at the wooden barrier that separated the girls' side from the boys' side. Sakura looked over at the wall and actually laughed at this. They'd get beaten to a pulp by all the angry women over here. Meanwhile, in the boys' changing room, Naruto and Sasuke simultaneously sneezed. After wiping his nose, Naruto threw the rest of his clothes in a bin Naruto sakura bath house walked towards the door with a towel tied securely at his waist.

Naruto turned back around to face Sasuke and looked at him as if he were insane. We payed for one anyway. Besides, if we walk straight to the wall, someone will know we're up to something. Naruto slapped him on the back with a toothy grin and pronounced, "Now that's the spirit! Come on, if we hurry, we can catch them slipping into the water! Sakura walked over to the edge of a spring that was ideal for two or three people. Hinata followed a bit reluctantly and immediately noticed how close they were to the wall.

Looking around, she saw that they were one of the closest ones, actually. Once she was completely submerged in the water, Sakura turned back to Hinata and said, "Just stop worrying and get in.

And I'm sure you wouldn't mind if he saw you naked," she teased. Hinata's pale eyes widened while her cheeks burned from more than just the heat of the spring.

She mumbled something about how their relationship wasn't like that, no matter how much Naruto hinted at it, and quickly Xxx video boobs nalayalam to get in without Naruto sakura bath house anyone her butt or breasts.

Finding it impossible, she sighed and plopped down in the water, utterly defeated. Once the coverage of the water was too her liking, she peeled her towel off and tossed it aside in a sopping wet heap. They had jumped into the water to 'avoid suspicion' and now he was not only wet, but wet, cold, and had no way of seeing through or over the wall. He knelt down and preformed a small scale katon on the wall, effectively burning a small niche in the paneling, and splashed it with water to stop the fire from spreading.

After waiting for the embers to cool, he pressed his eye against the peephole and scanned the area. He glanced about Naruto sakura bath house feet to the right before fixating his attention on a pink head of hair. Naruto grit his teeth and lunged forward. Let me look. Spying should be second nature, even to somebody like you. Naruto scowled, but didn't bother Naruto sakura bath house argue; he was well aware of his stealth ability, which was somewhere close to a fitful monkey.

But even a monkey could sit still if it Naruto sakura bath house something it liked. He plopped down on the ground, his towel loosening slightly as it was pulled into a different position. Several ideas passed through his mind, most Naruto sakura bath house, but Naruto sakura bath house stood out from the rest. A sly grin inched its way onto his face as he found a spot a few feet to Sasuke's right and got to work.

Ero-senin always said that Rasengan would come in handy. Who knew that a minuscule one could Naruto sakura bath house an effective drill?

Naruto made a mental note to tell the old man about this new usage of the jutsu as he looked through his hole to a new and exotic world. If you just observe for one fucking second, you wouldn't have to ask all these pointless questions! The scene was far less exciting than what he imagined. Sakura was merely leaning to Naruto sakura bath house a towel, completely emerged and modest.

Just a few more inches and, wait, she couldn't reach it. Sasuke sucked in a breath and pointedly ignored Naruto's whines while Sakura stretched her arm as far as she could, so close and yet so far, so wonderfully far away. A scowl appeared on her face and she said something over her shoulder before it happened. Sakura raised herself out of the water for just a second, but that's all it took.

Sasuke pressed so hard against the wood that he thought he might splinter his eye. There she was, bare before him, reaching towards him, practically crawling, dripping wet And just like that, he was hard and bleeding. To protect his honor, he tried to conceal himself, tripped in his rush, and fell into the scalding water. The wooden barrier did little to block the noise of the splash Huge black dildo pussy stretching exclamation from reaching the girls' side of the bath house.

Sakura's head shot up at the sounds. She knew that whining voice anywhere. Her cheeks rivaling the color of her hair, she pressed the Naruto sakura bath house against her in a frantic haste and backed as Naruto sakura bath house away from the wall as she could in the small spring. Hinata's eyes were wide as saucers, and she sank lower in the water to try and hide her massive cleavage. Maybe I shouldn't have told him we were coming here," she mumbled in her meek voice.

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