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Greg Allen. Patients seeking cancer treatment in the U. Virgin Islands must now go to the mainland. Thomas remains closed because of extensive damage to areas like the CAT scan suite. Health care in the U. Virgin Islands remains in a critical state, five months after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria pummeled the region. The only hospital on St. Thomas, the Schneider Regional Medical Center, serves some 55, residents between the islands of St.

Thomas and St. Schneider's facilities suffered major structural damage, forcing a decrease in its range of services, mass transfers of its patients, staff departures and significant losses in revenue. Only about one-third of the beds are currently available for patient care. In early September, when Irma hit the Virgin Islands, most of Schneider's staff members were on duty. At the height of the storm, a large window on the hospital's top floor gave out.

The screws holding the window in place Hospitals in the virgin islands. The window itself, made from hurricane impact glass, remained intact. It's here, leaning against a nursing station that's now in shambles. Ceiling panels are gone, exposed pipes and ducts are damaged and sagging in places.

A large plywood barrier covers the window opening. When the window tore off, Smalls says the staff worked quickly to evacuate some 20 patients to a safer part of the hospital. They couldn't use the elevator in the middle of the storm, so staff transported patients from the fourth floor to the third Hospitals in the virgin islands using the emergency stairwells.

Eventually, all of the Brooklyn decker hot bikini who were at Schneider Evanna lynch sex sexy the storm were evacuated off of the island.

But even as staff dealt with a host of problems, the hospital remained open. In the emergency room, which flooded badly from a leaky roof, Smalls says, "You probably had about Hospitals in the virgin islands to 4 inches of water on the floor in here.

I had pumps. I think we probably had 50 people in here at any given time just trying to evacuate as much water out of the facility. Today, the hospital continues to provide surgery, labor and delivery care, radiology and lab services. The hospital can now only provide limited services for patients requiring dialysis.

Meanwhile, Schneider Medical's sister center, the only hospital on St. Croix, the U. Virgin Islands' other major island, suffered even more extensive damage to its operating rooms.

Thomas have not been able to return. High winds blew out ceiling panels and damaged ducts and pipes at Schneider Regional Medical Center, the Miley cyrus private naked hospital on St. Thomas, when a window on the hospital's top floor blew out.

Along with the lack of facilities, another major problem is staffing. Wheatley says he's lost of the hospital's employees — many of whom Hospitals in the virgin islands the island after the storms destroyed their homes. Shanique Woods-Boschulte, who directs Schneider's foundation says, "Every day we get one or two resignations.

Adding to the woes, the hospital is in desperate financial straits. Revenues are half of what they were because there are far fewer patients. With all the competing problems on the islands, CEO Bernard Wheatley says it's not clear how much help the local government can provide.

It's just not the same island. The U. Virgin Islands is now looking to Congress to help decide what to do about its battered hospitals. The local government is in talks with FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers to determine whether the hospitals can be rehabilitated, or if new facilities will be needed. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

Don't Tell Me! NPR Shop. In The U. Now, its hospitals can no longer provide Hospitals in the virgin islands surgery, cancer treatment or specialized care, forcing daily staff cuts and revenue loss. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. February 4, AM ET. Heard on Weekend Edition Sunday. Greg Allen Twitter. Enlarge this image. The Two-Way St.

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