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Raven, Beastboy and Cyborg were all floating around in big violet tubes filled with a Sexy starfire hypnotized naked substance.

The tubes were attached to a strange looking machine with many monitors. Robin felt his face grow hot. Sure he wasn't the tallest guy around but he wasn't short either. Suddenly, an idea hit him, and they Boy Wonder smiled at the thought of his plan. Starfire was depending on you, and you let her down…" Slade casually said as though he and Robin were old buddies.

Robin quickly jumped up into the air to be saved from another punch Slade had in store for him. He then punched the villain several times as quickly ran to the tubes three of his friends were in. Slade merely smiled behind his mask and ran at his opponent.

Just before he could hit Robin, the team leader got out of the way. Instead of hitting the Boy Wonder, Slade hit the tubes which started to crack but didn't break. Slade didn't say anything. He just pressed a red button on his controller and a secret door opened up. As it opened, the room was filled by a red light that soon faded as a figure stepped out into view.

As the Wonder boy tried to hug his team mate, he was surprised Fucked get movie teen stepped away. Starfire was the happiest person he knew and she never stepped away from a friendly hug. Robin was speechless.

Starfire's usual bright green happy eyes were glowing completely red and they showed fear. Robin noticed resistance in her voice, and he knew he might break the tamaranian from the trance. Starfire flew up into the air and started showering Robin was starbolts that the titan leader dodged with ease.

She remembered the night Robin taught her English and way always there to explain things. He was her best friend. As more and Sexy starfire hypnotized naked thought drifted into the tamaranian's head she started to remember more of Robin, Cyborg, Raven and Beastboy. These were her true friends…. You can do the same…". Robin couldn't believe it. He was so Nude jami gertz naked yet so far. He knew he would have to fight the tamaranian before she would kill him.

Taking out his staff, the Boy Wonder prepared for another attack. Starfire smiled as she formed more starbolts in her hands and started shooting them at her opponent who reflected some of them back with his staff. The reflected Sexy starfire hypnotized naked shot back at the girl, sending her flying into a wall.

She just stood there as her powers began to weaken and the hypnosis was beginning to wear off. You were kindest person I have ever met. You MUST break free! Starfire's eyes returned to their normal color as the Sexy starfire hypnotized naked left her. She just stood Sexy starfire hypnotized naked, like she was in a trance.

She then turned her head and walked over to Sexy starfire hypnotized naked tubes the three titans were in. The tamaranian shot a few starbolts at the glass, destroying the wall between her and the titans. As the freed titans looked around the room and tried to remember where they were, they all noticed a strange acting Starfire.

Robin's heart sank. Starfire was crying, he almost got killed, Cyborg, Beastboy and Raven were test subjects and that wasn't even the start of Sexy starfire hypnotized naked prophecy.

I was just going to kill Star but I changed my mind. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Teen Titans. When Starfire's phrophecy is in effect, she knows no one can stop it. This is the end No one will. I do not own Teen Titans…. You are really little to do anything anymore…" Robin felt his face grow hot.

I've taken guys down much bigger than you! Robin's smile faded at the thought that his plan failed. What would he do now? Starfire didn't answer. She just let out a sigh and opened her eyes. Suddenly, Starfire's eyes grew even redder. Bright red starbolts formed in her hands. These were her true friends… "You are a…" Starfire tried again but nothing came out. You can do the same…" "No! Remember your friends!

Remember me? I know my best friend is somewhere Sexy starfire hypnotized naked there…somewhere. No one can control you!

Robin just watched what was happening, not knowing how to act. People, it's not that hard to leave a comment:. The Start 2. Later Like You Said 3.

Past and Present 4. Blackfire's Return 5. Dreams and Reality 6. The Search 7. Hypnotized 8. Confused 9. The Pink Gems of Fire Gone with the Wind Nude hinata cosplay hentai One To Go The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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