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This is pretty much skill vs strength. If she can score one blow, it'll k. Most likely Sakura. As much as I like Hinata Sakura shows better shinobi skills than her, and lets not forget her super strenght. As much as I like Hinata Sakura shows better shinobi skills than herand lets not forget her super strenght.

In the chest department Hinata Boobstomps. Other then that Hinata's not doing anything to Sakuras big forehead. All Sakura needs is one hit. I agree that Hinata is the better fighter, but Sakura only has to gain one opening. I remember saying hinata in the other thread. Hinata is at advantage because she can disrupt chakra flow, neutralizing sakura's strength with a touch. But sakura's fighting skills are clearly superior due to hinata's lack of screen time. Well, other than fainting over naruto, I mean.

Sakura might need prep to handle her boobs. She was controlled while fighting hirako, and later when fighting iron sand. Sasori noticed it. During the fight, when chiyo got scratched, she saw sakura being Sakura vs hinata nude from blindspot, and sent a puppet to save her. If they Sakura vs hinata nude connected with the strings, she'd have just pulled her out of the way.

Hinata is the significantly better fighter, the only issue is Sakura has the plot-enhancements to power through that without issue. In terms of boobs In terms of who has a better looking face If who wins in Sakura vs hinata nude fight?

Please Log In to post. I've done this battle before. Loading Video I would give Sakura the edge. Don't post to forums Gen. Bring back the main forum list. Use your keyboard!

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