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I once saw my college roommate masturbating while he was in the shower. There is a crack between the door and the doorframe. As I walked by, I thought I would Piss n mix vol in and see if I could see anything. He was lying on the floor, going at it. I just stayed and watched until he ejaculated on his chest.

It made the most vivid memory etched into my mind — one I will never ever forget. Last Sexy ways to surprise him I accidentally saw my brother Walks in one masturbate his friend masturbating each other.

I came home, but only had the backdoor key. So I walked around the back and saw them as I went past my brother's bedroom window. I just went back out front and waited for about 10 minutes. Then I knocked loudly. I didn't say anything to either of them about it then, and I haven't mentioned it to my brother since. He's only 12, and I remember doing stuff like that when I was around that age.

I'm sure he would feel very uncomfortable if he realized I know what he was doing. I accidentally walked in on my father when I was 12 or I sometimes had problems sleeping at night. One night, I was going in to sleep with him and I opened the bedroom door to see him with his penis in his hand and it pointing straight to the ceiling. I quickly turned and closed his door without him seeing or hearing me.

I was taking a break from shopping at the local Walks in one masturbate and decided I had to urinate. While standing at the urinal, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the man standing next to me was masturbating rapidly.

I then glanced ahead at the wall and noticed that he must have had an orgasm, because he was shaking, and his eyes were closed. I didn't Walks in one masturbate what to think! My dad was taking me to stay with my mum and my brother. We had to stop halfway there and stay overnight in a hotel, where we were in the same room.

A sound wakened me Walks in one masturbate the night, and I worked out that it was my dad masturbating. Now I Cougar lesbian milf seduction know what to do when I go back to stay with him.

It was disgusting. I don't think I'll ever be able to talk to him again. Walks in one masturbate know that's not fair, because I masturbate a lot; but somehow, it just makes me feel sick that my dad does it and that he did it when I was asleep right near him. When I was in my teens back in Walks in one masturbate Carolina, I saw a friend masturbating. I had gone to his house late one night, and to avoid disturbing his parents, I went to the front porch and leaned over to where I could knock on his window.

As I started to knock, I saw him on his bed, nude and masturbating. I moved away from the window quickly and went back home. I never mentioned the incident to him, but I will always thank him for teaching me about baby oil. I had heard him and another friend joke about it before, but I had never tried it. That night, he was almost swimming in baby oil.

Like mine, his penis is tightly circumcised and his hand just glided over the skin without moving it. Once, I saw my brother masturbating in front of the computer. He didn't see me, so I watched him for a while and then went upstairs to masturbate myself. My brother is very muscular and sexy; he is 3 years older than I am. I have two brothers who are close to my age. When I was somewhat younger, I came home once and could tell by the lack of cars in the driveway that the only person Walks in one masturbate was my younger brother.

Being a teenage male myself, I understood the "possibilities" that I might encounter, so I made as much incidental approach noise as possible. My efforts were in vain, however. As I walked into the TV room, I knew instantly what was going on. He was naked, though mostly covered by the couch. I pretended not to have noticed anything peculiar, said Walks in one masturbate was headed to the kitchen, and left. I knew that if I were in that position, it could be a huge embarrassment, so I was trying to help him out by "not knowing.

Once I was going into the basement to get something from the freezer. I went down the stairs quietly, since I knew my stepbrother was down there. I was planning to scare him. When I looked around the corner to see where he was, I saw him with just a T-shirt on, sitting on the couch, playing with himself, and watching Jay Leno. I Walks in one masturbate young and had not masturbated before, so I freaked out. I stomped down the rest of the steps, and he hurriedly covered himself up.

I left work early recently only to arrive home and discover my year-old son masturbating on the couch in the living room. I started to enter the back of the house through the sliding glass doors, and there he was in all his glory, stroking away.

He did not see me, and I didn't want to frighten him. So I went to the front door, taking my time, figuring that he might finish or have time to go to his room. I entered slowly, making a little extra noise just to be safe. Sure enough, he was gone. He emerged from his room a few minutes later with Russian old vs young usual big Walks in one masturbate and happy disposition.

Even though it is just us two, and we are open with each other about sex and masturbation, I did not mention this to him. I've heard my mom using a vibrator in her room with the shower running to drown out her moans. I was 17 and about to mow the lawn. As I walked by my parents' bedroom window, I saw my dad Naked girl next door nude their room stroking away. I couldn't believe it.

My mom was at work. I was in the bushes, so he never saw me. But honestly, it was Walks in one masturbate to watch my old man blow his load. I had to go inside and do the same after that. A while Walks in one masturbate, I was at my friend's house.

We were going to go to swim in his pool, and he was in his room changing. He was taking ages, so I just barged in. He was lying on his bed masturbating. I didn't know what to do, so I just said, "Oh, sorry," and closed the door. He came rushing out and started telling me it wasn't Trina michaels free full nude scene it looked like.

He looked upset, so I just said, "Don't worry — I do it too," and then he calmed down. It was weird, because I thought he would want to kill me for seeing him when he was masturbating. In a way, it was good that this happened, Brazzers tory lane knows what she wants we are much closer friends.

Now we tell each other everything. I once walked in on my college roommate. He was sitting at the foot of his bed with his shirt open, and pants and underwear around his ankles.

I excused Walks in one masturbate and gave him Walks in one masturbate privacy for a while. One night in the middle of the night, I had to go to the bathroom. When I walked in, I saw my older brother on the toilet and masturbating. It was definitely awkward, so I turned around, walked upstairs, and used Walks in one masturbate other bathroom. We never talked about it, and I am glad we didn't.

It happened in a men-only athletic facility in a large city in Sweden. Men were swimming, showering, taking steam and saunas in all stages of undress. Hundreds of naked men and boys with not one circumcision among them!

In the room that held 3 tanning beds, I saw one man as I looked in to check that facility. The top half of the tanning bed covered the upper part of his naked body.

The lower half of his body was clearly visible, and I saw that he was stroking his erect penis. I did not enter the room because he deserved consideration and privacy in this most pleasurable act. But I silently cheered him on. One time last summer I walked into my dad's bedroom without knocking first to ask him something.

Dad had just ejaculated all over his pubes, hand, and testicles. His hand was still Walks in one masturbate up and down on his penis, and semen was still leaking out.

I stayed, and we talked as he cleaned himself up with his socks.

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