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Today there are less than adult movie theater locations in the United States. Adult video arcades are private viewing booths for pornographic films usually in the same location of an adult movie theater s or adult book store.

There are several different method of payments to purchase viewing time for video arcades such as tokens, cards, or depositing money directly into the booth. The video arcade booths have sixty different movies playing with a variety of content Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual that is changed on a weekly basis as well.

As with most adult movie theaters and video arcades the majority of our patrons are male. However females and couples are more than welcome to visit our theaters and arcade.

Our theaters and arcade are provided for adults to view pornographic videos and nothing further. Any patrons reported in such acts will be asked to leave. Feel free to call us at with any other questions we could answer for you! Cost depends on what you want to have access to. Give us a call at and we will be Adult book store minnesota to further help you. Hi i am wanting to know if and where there are adult movie theater. Thanks hope to hear back.

What is the cost if you have a key from a previous visit. How long in the arcade and theaters does that give a person? We will be able to answer your questions more accurately at the store or give us a call at I was wondering how big are your private rooms and do they have a couch to relax in or wooden planks?

There are 2 VIP rooms that come equipped with couches. There are also smaller private viewing booths and 2 theaters to pick from. You can rent a movie to watch in the viewing booths yes! In South Dakota, it is actually illegal to smoke inside businesses, but there is a back area right outside that is used to smoke.

Thank you for contacting Olivias! But we do have a VIP room that has plenty of space. We will definitely make any accommodations we can. Do not hesitate to contact us at Thanks for contacting Olivias.

Our next couples night is going to be August Adult book store minnesota. Couples nights usually happens once a month on the first Saturday depending when Holidays fall You can always give us a call at if you ever need to check if a couples Adult book store minnesota is happening.

It really depends on the time and day you visit the theaters. You can always give us a call to find out more details at You can either pay 10 dollars to let into one area or you can purchase a Key Fob which would give you access to both areas up to 8 hours. The Key Fob can be reused at another visit. All you would need to do is pay the daily fee to be granted another 8 hours. Thanks for the info, never been there before. Once you are behind the gate you are not permitted to go back in if you leave.

You can purchase a Key, that will allow you Adult book store minnesota for 8 hours, where you can leave and come back in without paying any additional fees. If you do decide to purchase a key, it is a one time purchase, so they key can be used again. Does it cost anything? Couples night is when we close down one theater for couples only. The theater comes equipped with couches and flat screens to watch films. There are no set planned activities for couples nights.

There has been occasions where couples would play couples games. Also provided are snacks! The next couples nights are November 7th and November 21st. Have you ever went to couples night?? Just wondering we were planning to go but would be our first time. Thank you for contacting Olivias. Here is a little insight on Couples Night: We have designated a theater strictly for couples.

It will go on from 8pmam. The turn out is always different when it comes to the amount of couples attending. Couples night give couples a chance to mingle with other couples. It is not illegal for couples to visit our theaters and arcades. However, singles are welcome to use our booth and theaters. The arcade and theatre is that just to watch movies or can other things be done? I have been to another adult store a Adult book store minnesota time ago and was a free for all.

Can couples enter viewing booths together or are only allowed in the theatre? Looking for couple friendly booth that allows toys? Maybe a vibrator is okay? We prohibit bringing in alcohol, drugs, weapons, explosives, cameras, and ect. Any other personal accessories will have to provided by the person s and not olivias. Couples night is only for couples. You must be in a pair to attend Couples Night.

The other theater and viewing booths are still available while couples night is taking place. What do the key fobs look like and will you Adult book store minnesota help me figure out and Taylor bow facial compilation both the theaters.

The key fobs are purchased at our location. They are small magnetic keys. You will have to come to come to our store location to get access to the theaters. An associate will be able to help Adult book store minnesota at the store. Where are the theaters located inside the building? Are they inside the purple doors?

And Adult book store minnesota is the cost for the theater entry? There are theaters and arcades which each need their own access. When purchasing a key or daily pass, you can either pay for the theater, arcade, or both. Prices will vary depending on access and key purchase. I would love to see you guys expand to the Omaha metro area. I stop into your theaters and arcade whenever I travel near Tea and always have a fantastic time.

Is the theater open to anyone? How does your facility Adult book store minnesota. Do you have certain nights that attract many people? The theater is open to anyone 18 or older. You can get access to the theater, booths, or both. Depending on what you pick will determine the price. The theater and booths are still open. There will be one theater closed down for couples night. If a couple wants to stretch out and relax a bit while watching a movie will a booth provide room for that, or is there just a chair in there?

How private are the theaters and booths from other patrons who also have bought a key? We have a variety of areas to be in. There is the theater which has Artistic fine art nude women screens and couches.

There are the private viewing rooms that would be able to accommodate a couple with plenty of room. It depends on what rate you purchase. You have to be in a couple to attend Adult book store minnesota night. So that Adult book store minnesota said, there is as many females as there are men on couples night. Couples Night varies with attendance. There is usually a handful of couples, but it really all varies. Feel free to call us when the time is closer to our official couples night to check out the traffic!

Adult book store minnesota do we pay up front or in the back. I guess the best thing would be to just come in and chat with someone on duty. To access the theaters and the arcade, you will want to use the door located in the back of the building.

You can always call us at

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