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Barbara was my most advanced graduate student. She and I had been working together on a project for two months and were finally reaching the end. This was the third day in a row that we worked late into the night, until long after the other faculty and staff had left. It was almost midnight when we shut the computer down. Barbara swung her chair around, away from the desk and stretched her arms up, over and behind her head and flexed her back muscles, sighing from the pleasure of the relief she felt from the stress of working over the keyboard.

I sighed from the pleasure of the sight Professor fucks his student erotic story her full breasts straining against her lacy bra and the thin material of her white blouse. Her skirt, a short, tight black one that showed off the curves of her thighs and ass, had slid up her thighs to reveal just the beginnings of dark stocking tops. I could feel my cock hardening as I thought about what kind of garter belt and panties she might be wearing.

I guess I had been staring at her longer than I had thought. I looked at her sort of sheepishly, feeling my face flush in embarrassment. I couldn't believe it. I bent down and slid my hands up the outsides of her thighs and under her skirt, pushing it higher to reveal the tops of her black stockings and the black garters holding them up. I massaged the bare flesh above her stockings as I moved my hands between her legs and pushed her thighs apart.

I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her crotch. I licked her inner thighs, running the tip of my tongue along the edge of her panties, inhaling deeply the sweet mix of perfume and her arousal, tasting her slightly salty flesh and feeling the softness on my tongue of the blonde hair protruding from the crotch of her white lace panties.

I slipped my hands up her hips to the tops of her panties and pulled Professor fucks his student erotic story down gently, and slowly. Barbara lifted herself slightly to let me slide the panties over her ass. I inched them down her thighs, savoring the slow exposure of her pussy, and the strengthening scent of her arousal. This is the moment I savor: Panties, still warm and moist, sliding slowly, Professor fucks his student erotic story down to expose a wet pussy; a woman looking at you with lust-filled eyes as you begin to salivate in anticipation of how she will taste.

Barbara's legs came together to let me get the panties over her knees. I lifted her left knee up and pushed it out to the side, slipping the panties over her left foot. I left them hanging around her right ankle as I lifted that knee up and spread it to the side, too.

We stared into each others' eyes as I whispered, "I'm going to eat your pussy. I licked her hard, but slowly, from bottom to top, finishing by caressing the pink bud of her swollen clit. She moaned in pleasure as my tongue ran circles around Professor fucks his student erotic story over the sensitive button.

She smelled and tasted exquisite, the rich, deep scent and strong flavor of an aroused young pussy. It overwhelmed everything else.

I couldn't inhale deeply enough, or bury my tongue deep enough into her wet folds to satisfy the desire she was igniting in me. I lifted myself off my knees and reached for her mouth with mine.

Her lips were soft and full, her tongue pushed against mine. When I broke the kiss, she reached forward to kiss the edges of my lips, my cheeks, my chin. I reached down to unzip my pants.

I pushed them, and my boxers down to my knees, and my hard cock sprung out into the open. Her eyes grew large, and a sharp moan of excitement escaped her lips at the sight of it. She reached down to stroke it softly. I lifted her ankles onto my shoulders and pushed into her slowly, and deeply, burying myself fully inside her. She was wonderfully wet, and hot, and just tight enough to be arousing, without turning penetration into a challenge.

I pulled myself out and then Professor fucks his student erotic story in again, hard and fast. I held myself tight against her, feeling her wet heat envelop my pulsating cock.

Not virginal, professor, but you're among my very first," she growled. You feel great! I started a slow, stroking rhythm of penetration and withdrawal. Each thrust was electric for me, and for her. When I shifted my weight to put more pressure against her clit, an unconscious moan escaped her lips, as if I had squeezed the air out of her chest. I rested my weight on the arms of the chair and kissed her lips, her cheeks, her throat, her Professor fucks his student erotic story, her shoulders, as I continued my thrusting.

I gradually increased the speed and force of each penetration, until her whole body shook with each thrust. Her Professor fucks his student erotic story locked onto mine, but they were soon glazed with arousal. Her cheeks and neck were flushed. She produced a stream of guttural sounds, "Uhh, yes, yes, uhh, ohh I want you to cum for me, Barbara. Cum on my cock, Barbara," I urged her. Cum all over me I slowly eased off of her, pulled out of her pussy, and lowered her legs from my shoulders.

As I did, Professor fucks his student erotic story caught sight of one of the cleaning crew, a young Hispanic girl, standing just outside my office door, watching. Barbara had her back to the door. I smiled at the maid and winked. My cock was still rock hard, and bouncing up and down along with my heartbeat, in front of Barbara's face. I didn't need to ask. Barbara took my cock into her mouth and began to work it furiously with her lips and tongue and hand.

Now I was in overdrive. It was the sound of that voice that pushed me over the edge. I came furiously, filling her open mouth, and splashing her cheeks and nose and chin with ropes of creamy fluid. Some of it clung Professor fucks his student erotic story her face, and some dripped down onto Professor fucks his student erotic story blouse.

Barbara Professor fucks his student erotic story my cock in her mouth again, licking and slurping up the combination of my cum and her fluids that covered me. The Hispanic cleaning girl grinned, took a long look at Barbara sucking my cock, and blew me a kiss before turning and leaving. I dropped to my knees and buried my face in Barbara's wet, fragrant pussy, all red and swollen with arousal. I licked her clean. As I stood up, I pulled her panties off her ankle and used them to wipe my face.

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