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New story idea I'm trying out. Hope you all enjoy. A lot Sex fanfiction percy and annabeth the ideas were his and you should go and read his story once he gets he's started.

It had been a little under a year after the giant Sex fanfiction percy and annabeth had ended and percy was walking through the woods of camp half blood. He usually came back here when he was with Annabeth so they could have sex but they broke up a while ago. Now percy just wondered around the woods looking for some monster to fight.

Instead he found himself in a open clearing in front of the 3 fates. The first one spoke up, "Perseus Jackson, after a long debate we decided to bestow upon you great gifts. Percy thought for a bit before he spoke. But before I Sex fanfiction percy and annabeth can you tell me what the first gift I will receive Sex fanfiction percy and annabeth The Sex fanfiction percy and annabeth fates thought for a Sex fanfiction percy and annabeth and huddled together and whispered while percy waited for there decision.

The others we will explain when they develop if needed. So we decided the first gift should be one you could enjoy. The third fate continued to speak, "whenever you ejaculate in a females vaginia they will gain a tatoo on there spine right above there asses.

More accurately there body will. Not always the mind. But the body will do the task no matter what. But if you ask the female to go and get you something they will go grab it but will verbally complain. Become a blank slate that just takes orders.

Saying 'loqui' will give them back there personalitys. Let them think for themselves again. And then I control them? Sounds like fun. Will it work on any female? Even gods? The fates started to glow and percy looked away. When the glow stopped percy looked back but they were gone.

He felt a bit different but couldn't tell if he had the gift or not yet. Percy closed his eyes and when he opened them he was back in his cabin.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Percy gains powers to make any female under his control. Pure smut about what he does with this power and everything he makes the females do. Control story New story idea I'm trying out. Everybody pov It had been a little under a year after the giant war had ended and percy was walking through the woods Is samantha stosur a lesbian camp half blood.

Percy got excited at this. He kept silent so they could finish though. Mind controlled? Do you accept the gifts? How did I…" percy wondered. He looked down and saw a piece of paper. He reached down and picked it up. We will return when you will receive more gifts. He was excited to go and try out the gift.

Now he just had to pick his target. Review and say. Percy's New Powers 2. Annabeth's shower gets a visiter 3. Annabeth gets enslaved 4.

Annabeth gets drugged 5. Reyna and Hazel join 6. Annabeth's Gangbang 7. Piper gets enslaved 8. Important: prosititute idea canceled 9. Decisions Annabeth looses her mind Beta reader Drew, Piper, and Annabeth Daughter of hades Daughter of Zeus The moon goddess Author note Artemis gets claimed Piper, Drew and Annabeth New powers and decisions Aphrodite and her daughters Fun At School The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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