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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Rocketshipping: Pokemon's Jessie and James. Focus: General All Categories, Since: Founder: chipotlepeppers - Stories: 44 - Followers: 0 - id: Main focus is Rocketshipping, though stories may also contain additional shippings, such as Contestshipping, Pokeshipping, Wishfulshipping, Ikarishipping, Diamondshipping, and more. Anime and game characters are equally welcome, so long as our trio is involved. Teen and Mature rated fics are also allowed.

Maria's Butler by Comtesse-Dynamite reviews Team Rocket was about to catch Pikachu, but someone interrupts their brilliant plan. It's Mr. Bergspiel, a distinguished director and he wants to shoot a Pokemon jessie facesitting james, Ashley sage ellison big tit porn Ash, his friends Misty and Brock as well as the Trio.

The Greatest Loss by L. James feels like he's lost Jessie to Team Rocket. Can he get her back? James's POV. Friday Night by lady bundtcake reviews Even Team Rocket members like to chat it up online. Here Jessie and James duke it out with emoticons. Read and review please! Sins Of The Father by Buchichu reviews Cinnabar Island had been the location of mysterious cloning experiments before being nearly wiped off the map. Now those secrets have been unearthed and will unravel the very nature of the Pokemon world.

Who are Jessie and James, really, and how does their tragic background relate to these Pokemon jessie facesitting james Can a reunited Ash, Brock and Misty discover the truth before it's too late? Meowth's Chronicles by Maldorana reviews Meowth tells us some stories about his life with Jessie and James A huge thanks to XxNachoxX for helping me translating my fanfiction.

But, who's Pokemon will they ultimately be? Spoiler: A short tale of how Jane meets her dear Eevee. Restless Night by MaplePucks reviews After another failed attempt to catch Pikachu, Team Rocket find themselves bunking in an abandoned cabin. James tosses and turns, the night passing without much rest. What if they never catch that Pokemon? What if the Boss splits up the Team? The End of Team Rocket is nearing, he just knows it. Midnight Dances, Bikes and Rocks by dandelionsanddaisies reviews 'Next topic' Jessie asked sleepily, looking at him Pokemon jessie facesitting james glazed eyes.

Xvideos brooke haven anal need to wake up. He opened one of the curtains and opened the window, he plucked a white rose from the flower bed below, and closed the window and curtain.

He spun around and bowed, he then stood straight and offered her his hand. But a decision made by one may change their futures for the rest of their lives. Not exactly what the magenta haired rebel expected, but James is always good for a surprise. Jessie has a dream involving her and James and she starts to wonder what kind of relationship she and James actually have.

Say It by Neopuff reviews While trapped in a narrow valley, Misty and Jessie have an unexpected conversation. A Simple Gift by Neopuff reviews James didn't realize that Valentine's Day can be for "just friends", too, and uses Meowth's help to find Pokemon jessie facesitting james perfect gift for Jessie.

Jessie, James, Ash, Misty, and a cast of original characters. A sort of unique journey fic. Team Rocket Undercover by Miss Dreavus reviews Jessie and James have to pose as a married couple for a new mission assigned by Giovanni.

But does it go according to plan? Leggo My Preggo by neofailz reviews Jessie's pregnant Too bad they can't even remember their "special night". Please don't comment on the title, I have no idea. Rated for a lot of sex references hooray. Someday by 27dayz reviews Someday, it wouldn't hurt so bad. Someday, they would see each other again. Someday, they would be together forever, just like they had always said.

Even in the very worst of situations, Team Rocket's bond will never be broken. But what happens when their wish comes true? Super Dopey Sidekick by 27dayz reviews When Meowth begins to notice that Jessie and James Pokemon jessie facesitting james sneaking off, he thinks Pokemon jessie facesitting james they're ditching him. Pokemon jessie facesitting james they really not want him around or is there another reason why they're acting so differently around each other?

Threads of Fate by Voyager Wisp reviews Red threads of fate connect all those that have an impact on each other, for better or worse. Still trying to understand their connections to each other, Jessie Pokemon jessie facesitting james James travel with other Team Rocket members to Kalos.

A pokemon native to there can not only see but manipulate those threads. Fate is anything but certain. Terms of Service.

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