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If you run into a snag, you can go back to the this page. A man finds a small, island he believes to be deserted. However, he finds there is an inhabitant A new 'volunteer' from the class serves as an example of a jaguar transformation. The latest installment in the "Backfire" series. Amy's mother's rival, Barb, has found the spirit, and thinks that she can ally with it.

A police officer is bitten by a dog in the line of duty, mixed with a strange chemical he's exposed to, he finds himself becoming a dog himself! A man is captured and subjected to an experiment that changes him into a Nude cartoon werewolf transformation gif anthro canine.

A leopard gecko finds a magical rock to bask on that changes him into an anthro leopard gecko! A man is compelled to put on a cursed collar that holds the spirit of a demonic German Shepherd that takes over his mind and body. Trouble from the failed experiment is spinning out of control! Will anyone be able to stop the changes as they continue to spread around the campus New This Update: pages 93. Not everyone yet had their happy ending, and Rafiki wanted to fix Nude cartoon werewolf transformation gif A sequel to Spaa Day, An undercover cop goes to the spa to investigate disappearances Evelyn, the Sorceress Maera's apprentice sneaks a look into her personal grimoire Here, if a carp leaps high enough, it will be magically transformed into a dragon.

Lynne purchases the "Amulet of Kings" A Nude cartoon werewolf transformation gif witch convinces a male friend of hers to Nude cartoon werewolf transformation gif clubbing with her After having changed into a zerling himself, James offers to do the same to his friend, Julie. A series of mid-tf one-shots, wherein people are being transformed into various types of big cats. A potentially continuing series.

Lion King Man to Hyena 1Eva angelina smoking fetish345 Commission. A man puts on a pair of fuzzy spotted slippers, only to find that there is a bit of magic to them A married couple tries out a sexual enhancer that has unexpected results!

The mother of one of the women involved in the Backfire series makes a bargain with the spirit in order to change them back, taking on a curse herself.

Six college students go to a special dance club which is dog-themed where everyone wears dog accessories or dog ears or tails. When the dance club hours finish, however, they get more than their Nude cartoon werewolf transformation gif of investment.

A young woman receives a piece of gum from her friend for her birthday with a changing flavor that results in her changing body! In the "Lesson" Series - the same man who had been earlier changed into a wolf is given a homework assignment to create his own serum and video tape the results. A direct sequel to the earlier "Elephant Seal" Sequence, Rebecca has learned to control the spell placed on her and use it for good as Seal Girl!

Nudity Warning Seal Girl Captured! Emma Frost angers The Enchantress and is turned into a Nude cartoon werewolf transformation gif. Accidentally activating an artifact transforms a man into a demonic fox! Stand-alone image of a female soccer player mid-transformation into a goat. A group of hunters find their way onto a sacred hunting ground and pay their dues for racking up countless trophies.

Nude cartoon werewolf transformation gif man encounters a glowing spiritual creature - and when he touches it, a part of its power is transferred into him, changing Nude cartoon werewolf transformation gif into a Kudu! A lion claw pendant transforms a man into a lion! A man is changed into a skunk when he catches the whiff of a strange odor Stand-alone mid-TF of a woman becoming a Panda.

She had wanted to help save the pandas, but never imagined THIS! While adventuring in the ruins of the Castle of the Pig Princess, Argol finds her crown. And when he puts it on, discovers Nude cartoon werewolf transformation gif it contained what remained of her spirit A present from Santa results in a year's worth of receiving!

In verse! The prequel to "Sow Ray"! Xellix gives a live demonstration of the powers of her sow ray on a snooping reporter! Amy still hasn't learned her lesson and thinks she can get control of the spirit and its magic once and for all.

April, off again to investigate a dubious location, finds herself for once transformed NOT into the damsel Mom spanked that butt distress, but capable in her own right! A wish on a magic ring goes awry, and gives Rebecca what she asks for, but not what she wanted A frat boy moving out into his own place finds an ancient tome up in the attic.

When he reads it, he releases the bound spirit into himself Alice in her return to Wonderland doesn't heed the Cat's warning, and pricks her finger on the thorn of the wolfsbane plant.

Emily, Julie's apprentice, has snuck into her mistress's magical laboratory and plays with her magical items A man changes into the alien arbitor. After having changed back into a human, Julia runs into a classmate, Amy, who had made the serum that initially changed her into a stag A woman is changed Nude cartoon werewolf transformation gif another donkey after encountering a donkey at a farm.

A stray lab wishes very much to be able to join a boy who befriended her's family that she wills herself to become anthro. Mid-transformation shot of Megan becoming a reindeer!

A woman finds a spell to be able to change her and her husband into the others' greatest desires A female storm trooper is bitten by an alien Amy anderssen big boobs A pair of panties with strawberries on them changes a man into a cute anthro dragoness. A man changes into a hyena.

A man changes into a macaw. Even vampires can have nightmares! An evil villainess has developed a piece of nefarious technology designed to turn people into pigs! NEVER cheat at a magical university! Debby finds a beautiful gem just laying on the ground Putting on a magical collar transforms a man into a doberman! A woman, after discovering her husband's more A perfume saleswoman, in trying to attract customers, spritzed someone with the perfume who REALLY didn't want to be spritzed! In revenge, the modern sorceress bestowed on her a natural perfume Nude cartoon werewolf transformation gif others would find just as offensive.

A man going to a Halloween party steps in a very realistic looking magical circle drawn on the sidewalk One should always read the fine print when signing up for a medical experiment.

When visiting Larsen Pork Products, Peggy is exposed to a new experimental chemical Calico has shot Penny with a dart, and she finds herself looking a lot more like Nude cartoon werewolf transformation gif furry companion!

After bathing in an enchanted stream, Poison Ivy finds herself changing In the newest installment of the lesson series, a man is transformed into a giant spider! A magical pendant transforms a dashing fox femme into a sneaky cat burglar! The mishaps that resulted from the experiment continue to spread Alice from the American McGee version is back in wonderland Nudity Warning Splatterhouse: Happy Ending?

Based Nude cartoon werewolf transformation gif the video game, Splatterhouse: Rick has finally found his girlfriend, Jennifer. However, it almost seemed TOO easy A man thinks it's his lucky day when three identical triplets go home with him. What he doesn't know is that they are mischievous demons with the ability to shape-change Baneful's colors of the first page can be found HERE.

Someone with magical abilities has set out to turn woodland creatures into the characters from Robin Hood! An alternate ending to an old Super Mario Bros. Cartoon episode, "Misadventures in Nude cartoon werewolf transformation gif Sitting" - Junior, after aiding the 3 koopas, finds himself becoming one himself! The episode this is based on can be found on YouTube Here. In the same universe as the "Zelda" Transformation sequences, a young man with self confidence issues stumbles into a strange shop in his local mall and finds a bargain on a mysterious box Peter is a werehorse, and did not pay attention to the Full Moon Schedule.

This sequence has been colored by foulfrost and posted HERE. A spinoff of Arachnid Temple, this time a couple finds the crystal spider, but are much more enthused about their changes! There is a story companion to this artwork, HERE.

Zak Young, a few years after he left Ferngully finds himself missing it They track him down and reunite

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