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Naked hiking day is the day when clothes come off and body parts breath freely. National guard s hunks naked, weekend backpackers and day hikers annually unite across the globe for one day to shamelessly hit the trails in their birthday suits.

Most are on remote trails, away from heavily trafficked areas and can bare all without much risk of offending anyone or terrifying any small children. It is meant to be fun and nothing more. National guard s hunks naked day has slowly evolved into somewhat of a summertime ritual and a right of passage for all thru-hikers to partake. It is not for the shy It is held on Summer Solstice, which is June 21st.

Also known as "midsummer", the day has been a part of folklore and fairy tales for centuries as a day believed to hold special powers. We are not about to go down the fairy tale rabbit trail. However, it is clear that "Hike Naked Day" spawned from some of this midsummer folklore. Wiccans, New Agers and Scandinavians are also known to dance around maypoles on Naked Hiking Day and thousands gather at Stonehenge to partake in the "all natural" celebration.

Legally speaking, "Nudity is legal in National Parks. Nudity itself is not banned. As long as you are not sexual about it, you are good to go. Kind of surprising, right? The tricky part is if a local county National guard s hunks naked city outlaws it, in which case you are often at risk of being ticketed or prosecuted if caught.

Culturally speaking, nude hiking is generally not accepted, despite it happening in countries throughout the world nice Switzerland.

Outside of our National Park System, nudity is usually illegal and considered "indecent exposure" in public places across the globe. Most rangers and police actively discourage hiking naked on trails. Note we are not advocating breaking the law. Hike naked only where it is legal and proceed baring all at your own risk. Ask the land owner when in doubt. Just because your body is National guard s hunks naked does not mean you should hike without supplies - including food, proper footwear, gear AND clothes.

You are not protected by AKA - no prickly bushes, rock scrambles, etc that could harm your baby soft skin. Keep in mind the number of trail heads Madison ivy naked gallery parking lots on your particular trail. Some of this newly exposed skin might not have ever seen daylight, so don't forget to protect it with sunscreen. A post shared by acheng. A post shared by Annie Mac little. Instagram: chrisrcage.

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When is Naked Hiking Day? Use trails National guard s hunks naked are less popular and avoid those that are used by children. Make the most of the early morning when many people are still dozing in bed.

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