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  1. Waiting with excitement. hope so we will get some good pics from you. i thinks first of all you need to post some pics in yours undies. may be in beautiful bra and colorful panties. lol:)

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A couple weeks ago I asked forum participants about their experiences, or lack thereof, with Diaper position spankings. It seems to be a very humbling position echoed by bottoms who respondedbut also very effective in the making-the-sit-spot-a-raging-hellfire department, too. To that end, I recently filmed a great scene with one of my playmates Mr.

Sexual Harassment Bartender where I employed the Diaper position to great effect, and was SO looking forward to sharing it. Then I happened. Yes, me. No audio. Naturally, I am crushed. But fear not! In Spanish. For practice. Priceless, really, but I digress….

Kind of looks like bordering on torture from those angles :P Seems like a high tolerance only activity. However, totally think you should Men spanked in diaper position video it so we get to see it Men spanked in diaper position video video. I have no idea why? I first heard of it via Mooski and I Men spanked in diaper position video no idea what he was talking about as is the case with most things spanko related so he graciously showed me.

I wish I would have had a picture of my face! I was under the impression that you hold the legs of the spankee. I would have to have a major infraction to be put in this position…or…put in this position for just the fun of it and nothing too painful. Totally agree, SGE. How I mananged to stay still and not accidentally kick her in the face, is a mystery — because holy you-know-what did that hurt.

My familiarity with the diaper position is that the legs are lifted up and held, by the Spanker, the way one would lift the legs and hold them when changing a diaper — hence the label. I could still see the obvious association, but to be honest I was expecting to see Dana holding his legs with one hand and spanking him with the other. Am I correct in my assumption Dana?

Time to make up a pre-flight check list, or start checking it if you already have one. Turn on the lights 2. Plug Men spanked in diaper position video the microphone 3. Make a quick test recording 4. Play your test recording 5. Proceed only if you can see light and hear sound. You must be logged in to post a comment. Log in to Reply. Check, one, two, one two! Tap, tap, tap! Is this thing working? Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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