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Kai is masturbating on his bed. Naked, eyes closed, softly muttering; "Ah Jinora. After a good minute watching Kai, jinora decided to make German dark pussy lips known she's there.

Kai's head turns to the door leaving his pillow, shocked. Kai, starts grinning and places his head down on his pillow closed his eyes once Korra jinora naked sex and continue what he was doing. After a good minute of going up and down, Kai's body started to tense up. Jinora sees Kai's toes curl and his head move back. With an "Ah yes. He swung his legs over the bedside and stood up.

Scratching his head he started grinning. Hopefully Korra jinora naked sex the hint he needed to clean up. With his hands still behind his head he didn't cover anything up, not the sperm on his chest or Korra jinora naked sex now flaccid penis. She grabbed a couple of cotton napkins and moved Korra jinora naked sex to the naked boy.

It is really sticky you know. He hands the cotton napkins back over to Jinora and places once more his hands on his head. Kai's smiling, relaxed not afraid what is about to happen. Jinora starts with the rare drops above his nipples. She wipes slowly and softly. When Kai does this himself he most of the time rushes it. But how Jinora takes her Kasey chase anal sex was a way better way of getting cleaned up.

It is easier cleaning up this way. Kai did notice the question and smiled. Of course thinking of you makes Adult sex dating in enders nebraska even more awesome! Look what a mess I made while thinking of you. Maybe you should watch me more often" Kai said with a cocky grin still having his arms resting on is head. Jinora had now reached the biggest concentration of Kai's sperm, a little below his navel.

There are some smaller drops Korra jinora naked sex down to your Uhm, penis. Is that all? Jinora was intrigued by what Kai had said but also noticed that some drops had fallen on his bare feet. The cotton felt nice on Kai's feet. When Jinora rose again she placed her hand for the first time on his bare stomach.

Her hand slowly moved down Kai's stomach until she reached his manhood. She cupped his balls and penis. She swallowed deeply and moved her hand only to his penis. Letting his balls hang once more.

Kai looked down, feeling her hands around his manhood felt different, but great. Slowly Jinora moved her fingers to the head of Kai's penis and softly pulls it towards his stomach. Slowly trying not to hurt Kai, his pink head appears. It was wet but there wasn't really any sperm Korra jinora naked sex see. When his head was completely bare she used her other hand to softly wipe the head with the cotton napkin.

Kai moved with the first touch of the cotton. It didn't hurt the feeling was just new to him. When she was done Jinora softly pulled his foreskin back. Something that make Kai snigger. Jinora did the same and soon after she felt Kai's naked body against her wingsuit. Her tongue intertwined with his. When they parted Jinora said. Jinora asked grinning. Focusing on his feet, realizing he was. A big grin spread across the boy's face.

Jinora hugged the still naked boy and forced him onto his bed. With her face above his she said. I could help with more than the cleanup. Still naked Korra jinora naked sex the bed. Kai was smiling broadly his hands behind his head, his legs crossed. Hoping tomorrow morning wouldn't be too soon for her to repeat this. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Legend of Korra. Kai gets caught masturbating by Jinora. Will he be brave enough to finish? First FF any feedback is welcome.

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