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It has been sixteen years since we were first introduced to the wizard-world of Hogwarts, its star pupil, Harry Potter, and his classmates on film; then, another six years since we saw the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2. In fact, it was a cast of relatively unknown child stars you You see, J. Rowling was very specific in requesting that most of the character roles be cast to Girl from harry potter naked of British descent.

This turned out to be the right call, however, especially considering how beloved Harry Potter stars came to be. Everything fits just right. The Harry Potter franchise was an extraordinary series, with the perfect cast of youngsters. What these kids did went beyond just acting in a few movies.

They actually grew up in the series. They grew up before our very eyes, while attending Hogwarts! Well, sort of. Imagine that. There are other Harry Potter stars who grew up to be just as hot, but are not as well-known as Emma Watson.

Here are 15 hot Girl from harry potter naked of Harry Potter stars that are sure to make your eyes pop. She was beautiful, serious, and brainy. It wasn't just when she was acting as Hermione Granger.

This was a mix that would usually prove to be a nuisance for boys of that age, and she did just that for Harry, Ron, and yes, even you boys back at home. Although, she grew on you just as she did with Harry and Ron. It wasn't long before we knew that she was destined for great things. I mean, come on!

The girl could obviously act, but did anybody ever realize that she would grow up to be this hot? Here she was though, just over a decade later. She was featured in Elle Magazine in Emma was 22 years old and all grown up, but never in a million years could we have foreseen the intelligent, sexy lady she would become.

You've probably had this as a wallpaper, haven't you? Don't worry if you have, because I assure you that you're not alone. Evanna Lynch. She wasn't cast for her role as Luna Lovegood until she was already fourteen, but Girl from harry potter naked knew her character so well that she was described as actually being Luna. Luna was a significant character towards the end of the series. She even assisted in leading Dumbledore's Army, after it was reconstructed by Harry, and following the taking of Hogwarts by Voldemort.

Evanna had never acted before, but was Girl from harry potter naked to Harry Potter books during her stint in rehab, due to anorexia at only the age of She was always a beautiful girl, but she got insanely hot once she grew up.

She has acted in a couple of roles, since the Deathly Hollows. However, nothing quite as publicized as Emma Watson's Beauty and the Beast. This is kind of unfortunate, seeing as how well she played Luna. Although we're somewhat content with checking out how well she makes Mickey Mouse look in this tee.

The young girl who once played the pug-nosed role of Pansy Parkinson, grew up to be one of the hottest alumni of the Harry Potter franchise. Pansy was a vicious girl, who was always happy to belittle those who weren't included in Slytherin House. It's no wonder that Pansy and Draco, eventually became an item. If anyone had the perfect personality match for Draco's petty attitude, it had to be her. Fortunately, Pansy's story was not told beyond the second war, or we would have had to endure seeing just how cruel her daughters could've been.

She is one of the first lovely ladies who have had the pleasure of posing, since the nude ban was lifted. Scarlett shared a couple of the photos on her Instagram account.

A couple of which showcase her perky derriere. Hey, these Harry Potter stars had Granny trailer trash sluts grow up sometime, don't they? Instead, she was only at the station with her mother, Molly Weasley, who was there to see her older brothers off to school.

She was only a wee thing at the time, and we weren't officially introduced to her until the next Girl from harry potter naked in the Harry Potter series.

You might recall that she was controlled by the secret diary written by Voldemort. She later grew up to date and marry Harry Potter, with whom she had two children. In real life, Ginny's name is Bonnie Wright. She was only nine years old when she appeared as Ginny Weasley, but she is all grown up now. Bonnie was around 22 when she shared this photo.

Did she grow up to be a fiery hot mess, or what? Red-hot hair, sexy blue eyes. You'd have to be blind not to notice her. Here we go again! It's the lovely Emma Watson in Only this time, she was sizzling hot for GQ Magazine. Especially, when you consider that it appears as though Emma can actually channel that inner "bad girl", that we've never fully seen displayed. In fact, her shy, and humble good-girl behavior was pointed out by Vanity Fair, just earlier this year. It was about the gazillionth time they had interviewed her, but this one featured details about how she tries to keep her life grounded.

They discussed how she's always been on the rare side when it comes to fame. Not in a bad way, just different when you consider other celebrities her Girl from harry potter naked. You won't see Emma Watson flaunting pouty lips, skimpy clothes, and enhancements too outrageous to ignore.

Her every move isn't Snapchatted, Tweeted, or Girl from harry potter naked on her Instagram feed. However, Girl from harry potter naked is most likely what draws her the most attention. Plus, she appears to be so secretive, modest, and relatively mature. What a babe indeed! Tiana Benjamin really grew up to be hot! This is actually an older photo of her from aroundbut it was too sexy for us to pass up. She replaced the original Angelina, following the first three films.

You see, Angelina was in the same class as Ron's older brothers. In the first three films, the role was played by Danielle Tabor. The one that you see above was actually just one of the milder ones. Bummer, aye? This is because the role of Pansy became more prominent in the last two films. However, did you notice that the role was cast to four different actresses throughout the series?

The girl who played in the first two movies Girl from harry potter naked played by an extra, and the girl from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was uncredited. Genevieve was and is beautiful, but Girl from harry potter naked in an angelic way. Nevertheless, she has grown up to be just as hot and successful as Girl from harry potter naked. We're back to Evanna Lynch. Who wouldn't want to see more of those big baby blues?

She was looking extra sexy at this Animal Equality event, held in LA last year. Yep, you heard that right, animal equality. All grown-up, Luna Lovegood is an animal activist and a vegan. You can see that she loves cats if you just check out her Instagram feed. She even shared her results, after she took the Harry Potter Patronus test.

Although, she was quite upset to find that her Patronus was that of a Salmon, and not a cat. Luna has done a few things, following the Harry Potter franchise.

She has taken part in a couple of short films, the Harry Potter games, and an Irish production called My Name is Emily. She has grown up to be a blonde bombshell. Just look at those eyes, that platinum blonde hair, and that Glamour cz monika nn girl neck. We sure are hoping to see more of her soon. You Girl from harry potter naked know that Scarlett was worthy of more than just one hot photo on this list. Or, at least you should have.

It's not every day that a Harry Potter star poses for Playboy. Nora Hildegard was a lesbian who's in love with Mary Louise. The two women had a steamy relationship on the show.

Too hot and heavy for CW standards anyway.

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