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I want him to fuck the shit out of me with big fat cock. Forced cuckold cum eating stories want his stinky, sweaty body on top of me plowing into me. I want to taste his white-trash body. I want him to fuck me in the opposite way you do. It flabbergasted me that my girlfriend was so taken with James. He was a slob, out of shape, smelled sweaty, not the cleanest guy in the world. Before I Forced cuckold cum eating stories even react or respond, my girlfriend grabbed my face and kissed me Forced cuckold cum eating stories the lips.

I licked her neck, fondled her breasts, and squeezed her tight stomach. I could smell James all over her. Within seconds, I was licking, then sucking her pussy, a place that used to be exclusive to me.

That became a regular thing. James was constantly leaving me treats to eat up whenever I came home. At one point, he put his arm around my shoulder and taunted me. You take cum in your coffee, cuck? While Mike was still wet behind the ears, he just as much of an intimidating alpha male as James was to me. I reminded them both that I hired them, and that they should be more respectful towards their client, but as soon as I did, James put his hands on my jacket and pulled me into him.

One day Forced cuckold cum eating stories came Forced cuckold cum eating stories to find Mike sitting on my couch drinking a Forced cuckold cum eating stories instead of working like I pay him to. Mike was getting a front row seat of my girlfriend having sex with another Forced cuckold cum eating stories. James Forced cuckold cum eating stories Alicia bent over the loveseat.

James was calling her filthy names and even yanked her hair back asking her derogatory questions to force an answer out of her. When James saw that I was watching, he laughed and gave me the finger.

I froze as Alicia arched her back so James could shove another inch of his dirty fat cock as far into her. With his head cocked back, James closed his eyes and roared as he came inside of my girl. My girlfriend collapsed on the couch while James sat on the loveseat telling me to grab him a beer. I got all of us one, then went up to Alicia and started patting her down with a towel, asking if she was okay.

She said she was better than okay, that she was in heaven. How fucking awesome is James? They clinked their beers together. I was a little stunned that my concerns were just dismissed in favor of a compliment to the guy who just shot loads of his cum inside my girlfriend.

The nerve of this Forced cuckold cum eating stories, to question my sexual activity with my girlfriend. How do Forced cuckold cum eating stories taste? Mike broke out laughing. James was making fun of me. Alicia was trying hard not to laugh with Mike. Big tits blonde bbw milf know you liked eating me out last time. Show them what you did. Show them how much you like eating pussy.

She cocked her head back and groaned and moaned as I did what I was told. I lapped her pussy like a puppy dog while Mike laughed at me.

James took out his phone and filmed me in action. Mike and James left after I was done calling me names Forced cuckold cum eating stories they laughed me on their way out. She made it sound like no one held a proverbial gun to my head, that I chose to lick her Forced cuckold cum eating stories in front of them.

I told Alicia that this arrangement has reached a breaking point in our relationship and that I was putting my foot down. My girlfriend was reasonable. She told me she still loved me, and that perhaps she was getting too addicted to the fun she was having with our contractor. Coming to her senses, Alicia told me she would have a talk with James and Forced cuckold cum eating stories things.

She was fine replacing them with other contractors, also. I could hear heavy breathing from outside the front door upon walking closer to the house. The sound of gagging replaced those sounds.

I opened the door, and my jaw dropped to the ground. James was sitting down on the loveseat naked, his sweaty body flooding the chair. My girlfriend was naked, in the reverse cowgirl position, grinding into him. What was it with these contractors and their big dicks?!

She obediently nodded wide-eyed and opened her mouth, allowing Mike to shove his fat cock back in her mouth. James had an ear-to-ear smile on his face watching Mike have his way with my girl while taking in my reaction at the same time.

Who are you kidding? Because we will. Alicia was silent. She was conflicted. She wanted to stand her ground and do the right thing, but she obviously wanted to cum. Mike and James were giving her too good of a high. If Alicia was going to say something, she would have had a hard time doing so because Mike started shouting profanities with one final thrust.

My girlfriend was in such bliss. I had never seen her so orgasmic before. She was smiling because it was her time to cum.

Her smile went to a whimper as Mike and James began putting their pants on while looking down at her. Her lips were glossy, and her pussy was dripping again. James filled her up good. I licked my lips and winced as James laughed out loud. Fresh batch, too. What do you say, little buddy? He already knew Forced cuckold cum eating stories this was going to play out.

I should have told him to go fuck himself. I should have punched the both of them and broke up with my girl on the spot. I had complete control over the situation at that moment.

He was already hard again. I watched Alicia smile at Mike as he walked over to her with his hardening cock. Her mouth opened up as Mike gave her a wink before stuffing her mouth once more. Monday, November 25, Oblivious Cuckold.

The stories on this website are exactly what the title suggests - tales and write-ups of a married woman or taken girlfriend, cheating on her husband or boyfriend Forced cuckold cum eating stories his back. Most of the stories involve the adultery taking place right under the cuckold's nose.

Whether you interpret that as the cuckold being too stupid to notice, or choosing not to notice, is irrelevant. The girls doing the cheating in these stories are not evil. In fact, they love their significant others very much, with no desire to leave them. It's just that the guy they are cheating with are worth it, each in their own unique way. Whether you want to call them bulls or studs, the alpha males stealing away these women are the husband or boyfriend's buddy, best friend, boss or his bully.

On Oblivious Cuckold, she will always be cheating on her man with someone he knows.

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