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Thanks for the kind words. I remember picking up the CD single for his version of "L. Woman" sometime in orbut I have lost it in the intervening years. My sister was in her class.

She was a stuck up snob before the video. I heard that after she made the video, she became even worse, stating that she'd never come back home. I haven't seen her around since, so maybe she told the truth. Though, I bet she doesn't return now out of embarrassment of being a "one hit Billy idol cradle of love actress. Good riddance. Wow Val, bitter much. Do you know how many times I've heard people say that about famous people they grew up with?

Billy idol cradle of love actress might be, but you certainly don't do anything for the folks of Ford City or Kittanning either. I bet you would trade in your double-wide for even a quarter-hit wonder. Anonymous: wow, snipe from cover much? How do you know what it was like to live with Betsy? Some folks are not all that impressed with show biz success. Others, like Billy idol cradle of love actress, go to their graves believing in the old saw, "Better a has-been than a never-was".

You worship success. Thanks for the tidbits, Val. Most folks didn't even know her name. Im not sure where she is now, but im sure she is still that sexy gemini that ive watched that video times just to see. I don't care about where she came from in fact, the less I know about her the better. She was the girl from the only video I've never gotten sick of.

And Billy idol cradle of love actress this song came out, I was a high school softmore who came home from school and spent the rest of the afternoon sitting around with friends watching MTV. This is quite simply the best video of the era because of that girl. I, for one, love her.

Damn, Val You are a real douche. Well shucks, Val, how did you know Betsy was, as you say, a snob? Did you hang out with her a lot? Or did she, perhaps, fail to acknowledge you in some way to which you took offense? Any possibility she was just shy? Beautiful girls can be shy, too, and Billy idol cradle of love actress probably defines what the concept Beautiful Girl is.

And you, Val, are you a beautiful girl, or more like Piper Laurie in the film, Carrie? Cuz, Val, I have known a lot of ugly girls who say beautiful girls are snobs. That don't sound like a snob. Or maybe, just maybe, she is so accomplished, poised, and refined that she puts your hick in the sticks lack of manners to shame? What say? If you had to guess, how long will Betsy be remembered and acclaimed as compared to your injudicious self?

Since the internet is forever. Thank you. I've never tired of the video or the song; in that order. I don't care about anything related to her except the video. A lot of Billy idol cradle of love actress commented she looked a lot like my wife.

Both are hot as hell. Post a Comment. Subscribe in a reader. Looking into the forgotten crevices of popular culture. Most recall that album today for one reason and one reason alone: the video for "Cradle of Love," that album's first single. That Sexy naked girl hunting featured 18 year old Betsy Lynn Georgedancing lasciviously in the apartment of a shy geek.

Of course, then, no one knew her real name; she was to everyone simply "the girl from the 'Cradle of Love' video. The song ends, and her boyfriend Billy idol cradle of love actress at the geek's door to locate her. She leaves, as if nothing happened. The video was directed by none other than David Fincherfive years before he made waves Billy idol cradle of love actress Seven.

Billy idol cradle of love actress it, Idol himself is depicted only from the waist up due to a recent motorcycle injury. You may recall his brief cameo in Oliver Stone's The Doorsshot about this time, in which he is featured as a roadie on crutches.

The video also featured clips from the film, The Adventures of Ford Fairlanewhich would be released in July of Interesting, Spin magazine's original review of the album from its July issue makes no reference to "Cradle of Love. And without further ado, here is the official video to the song: Two other singles were released from Charmed Life : a cover of The Doors' "L. Woman" and "Prodigal Blues," neither of which were particularly successful or remarkable. Born in June ofGeorge appears to have vanished into the pop culture ether since the s.

According to IMDBher last formal credit is fromand most of her credits were not exactly A-list flicks. See, for example, the racy trailer for this softcore film, Petticoat Planetabout a world of women visited by a single male extra-terrestrial, in which George appears as the character, Lily.

Video Vixens" videos for which I've been unable to locate online. It's unclear whether a new interview of George was done for that series. However, in one online summary of that broadcast, it is noted : Betsy Lynn George used every sexy contortionist move she knew in Billy Idol's "Cradle of Love".

She now teaches young girls her techniques - in gymnastics classes. A more recent picture of George: InKatie Charles of New York Magazinewriting about an upcoming Billy Idol concert, referenced George and her role in popular culture: Few songs offer as pure a dose of a "Cradle of Love," and nostalgists won't want to miss Billy Idol.

August 26 at Hammerstein Ballroom. The blog The Friendly Friends did a similar nostalgic piece on George back in Below, purely in the interest of pop culture nostalgia, you'll find a few stills from the video: 1.

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