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Top definition. Sword Fighting unknown. The act of two males attacking each other with their penis'. The goal is to either hit the both of the other persons balls or until they forfeit. Typically played erect. I walked into the room and caught Logan and Matthew sword fighting on the bed. A playful sexual game in which two men attack each other with erect penises. Sword fighting Woman crossing swords peeing an activity I have never engaged Woman crossing swords peeing nor plan to.

I prefer the ladies. Sword fighting unknown. The occurrence of two naked men slapping each other cocks together as a Woman crossing swords peeing of sexual pleasure. Janet: Why didn't Mike and Dave come to thew party? Marlon : They were too busy sword fighting when i called them and said that they had rather cum later. A game in which two guys expose their penis and start to sword fight with each other.

Matt- "Hey wanna go sword fighting? When you like get a erection and your friend gets a erection, you hold them at the base and you slap the heads together. Verb: The act of crossing urine streams with another man or an unusually accurate womanwhile both people are using the same toilet. Let me in!

You always miss. Swordfighting unknown. Verb; Sexual activity between two gay men. The term "squashbuckling" is sometimes submitted. I was going to take a shower after practice but two fags Woman crossing swords peeing Swordfighting in the shower. Velvet hattrick Nico and the Niners Turtle Time Catamount Phonetically Shaker Boogaloo Boys PCA Roxs

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