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Judy and I enjoy going out on our boat into the gulf. We had earlier in the month had a great experience with Tim at the beach. We were going out fishing, then on to one of the small islands to beach the boat and have a cook-out so, we invited Tim to join us.

We got out a few miles and stopped at one of our favorite fishing areas. Judy was up on the bow sunning while we were on the stern fishing.

On the way out we had talked about how when Judy and I are alone we usually strip while in the channel to enjoy the sun. We talked about how Judy loves to stand naked on the bow and wave to the shrimpers as they pass by Tim commented how it must be a great show. There was a lot of talk about going naked but nobody was doing anything.

We were fishing on the stern and weren't paying much attention to Judy so I went forward to see how Tumblr naked wife on boat was doing and was not surprised to find her topless. A fishing boat was passing pretty close to us and Judy looked up and waved; giving them a good show. I went aft and told Tim that he was missing a sight upstairs and we lost interest in fishing. We went on the upper deck so that we could Family brazil nude brazil Judy up forward.

When we got there Judy was totally naked and still waving. A beautiful sight! We decided that we had enough fishing for the day and headed for the island. Judy decided that no suits were necessary and we were in agreement with her. We beached the boat and Judy frolicked in the water while we set up a small camp site. Tim and I were talking about Judy and how carefree she seemed. Several times boats Immagine porno milly d abbraccio by close to shore Naked crossfit girls nude she stood there naked waving at them.

After a while the camp was done we decided "what the hell" and joined Judy naked on the little beach. We laid Tumblr naked wife on boat the sun and swam in the surf. Just enjoying the day. I was laying on the beach and Judy and Tim were playing around in the surf.

It was a turn on Tumblr naked wife on boat watch him grabbing her naked body. They were rolling around in the surf, he had her pinned under him and I could tell that something changed. Later Judy told me that he got this huge erection while laying on her.

Tumblr naked wife on boat wiggled together in the surf and I noticed that they were no longer just rolling around. He was fucking her in the surf in plain view of boaters off Tumblr naked wife on boat. They were not close and probably couldn't see what was up. But, it really turned me on.

They had made love before and I expected it would get to this today, but, not so publicly. It was great to watch! When they were done they played a little more in the water and ran hand-in-hand up to me and fell on the sand beside me. They were breathless and exclaiming how great it was! I couldn't hold back and rolled on top Tumblr naked wife on boat her and entered here. She was so wet and loose Tim laid beside us and watched. It was great! Before we left the island she made love to both of us again.

Tim twice more. I love it when she looked right at me Tumblr naked wife on boat he entered her. She knew that she was pleasing me, too! We loaded the boat and set off for the mainland. We put our trunks back on but Judy chose to remain naked and enjoy the sun. We passed within a few yards of a boat load of young guys fishing.

Judy stood up forward and waved and shouted at them. They were all on one side of the boat and nearly turned it over. One of them had a camera and was taking pictures of her. She posed for several shots before we pulled away. As we were heading in closer there were more and more boats and Judy was really enjoying putting on a show.

She didn't throw a tee shirt on until we were at the dock and that didn't hide too much as she walked along the pier to the bar to wait while we pulled the boat out of the water. When we finished and went to the bar she was attracting a lot of attention at the bar. We gathered her up and headed for home where we all showered and Tim got one more chance to fuck her before he left.

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