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Guest over a year ago. Fedup over a year ago. NN over a year ago. Guys, Ive been struggling The soda canner penis this for over 3 years. My symptoms included The soda canner penis band aid effect of when the forskin sticks to the penis glans when retracted, red spots that would appear out of nowhere, very dry skin, peeling, The soda canner penis smell, very red glans penis head. You name it I had The soda canner penis the symptoms.

I went to over 6 different doctors including a sexual health clinic to get tested for everything who all gave me diagnosisis ranging from excema to yeast infection. One doctor even tested me for candida, said that the test was negative but prescribed me a steroid cream to fight the candida? I tried going on a long course of anti yeast medication diflucan but that didnt help Then I just said screw it Im just going to have to live with it. The doctors dont have a clue, so what hope do i have?!?

By accident, I watched a tv programm about the dangers of diet drinks. Most of them contain an ingedient called Aspartame and they The soda canner penis about how it is linked to candida problems! I realised that I was inspecting myself way too much and cleaning myself at the same time I stopped cleaning myself down there for a couple of days at a time and all of a sudden the redness of the glans went away and now I have that pinkish look to them.

Ive only been doing this process for a couple of weeks, but I can already see a noticible diffence down there. I am now experiencing really bad headaches which I can only attribute to the yeast dying off and releasing toxins into my bloodstream.

Guys, take hard look at your diet and stop drinking the sodas!!!!!!! You need to let your natural PH levels defend you!! I've had this condition for years, and because I could never remember when it started, I thought it was totally normal. I The soda canner penis trolling the web looking for some kind of help when I came across this thread. I found out that jock itch The soda canner penis actually a form of yeast infection, so I wrote The soda canner penis list of all the things that people recommended to get rid of it, and applied them.

I've also removed all soft drinks from my diet. I also tried sprinkling baking soda onto the glans and foreskin and dissolving it with drops of The soda canner penis. My jock-itch has almost completely cleared up, there is no redness on my thighs, shaft or head, and I can pull my foreskin back much easier too.

Way better than any cream I've tried and I've tried a lot. One thing I would recommend is that you don't masturbate. I don't know if I'm weird, but I usually use spit as lube otherwise the foreskin was painful during masturbationand that seems to make the yeast infection worse.

So if you can, hold off for about a week. Stop having sugar, drink lots of water, flush the glans with urine, and sprinkle the baking soda, and it will go away. Had the same problem - tried many solutions. Here is the one that really works but it's a bit drastic. I saw it once on a website where the guy was complaining about painful sex. The The soda canner penis was non-surgical circumcision. At first it will be very painful, just the movement inside your shorts, breifs pants will make walking, moving difficult.

But if you bear with it a few things will happen. After a few weeks the glans will completely dry out and the skin on the surface will crack and begin to peel off.

After a few weeks looks pretty scary the skin will look like new - smooth and clean. You will need someway to keep the foreskin retracted surgical tape. The girlfriend will love you - lol. Sex feels and The soda canner penis exactly like it did before. There is a work around for that The soda canner penis but it requires you to come The soda canner penis with a makeshift way tape, cloth, surgical tape etc.

I just keep the foreskin retracted at all times - no tape involved, it just stays put on it's own now. So basically, it's a non-surgical circumcision. Hi everyone, I also have this problem sticky foreskin, glans not really smooth and absence of natural The soda canner penis of glans and foreskin since 2 years.

I started when I masturbated using hand soap as a lube and i didn't wash it off. Before doing it my glans and foreskin were smooth and shiny and with natural lubrification. For example, now I always spit on my penis when I masturbate cause the foreskin tend to get dry and feels a bit sticky, before this I didn't need to spit or anything else!

I already tried tons of different creams and went to many dermatologists and all told me that i had nothing or just simple irritations, the last ones all told me that i was ok. But I want to get back my natural and healthy look also because sometimes, not very often, the redness returns for a few days, expecially after masturbations.

I'm trying with urine method since two days and i also started using baking soda. Two days ago i put some baking soda on my penis and a bit of water and left it under the foreskin for the night but the next morning it was redder so now I'm just dissolving it in the water to wash the penis. Does this method works? Couldn't find what you looking for?

New Reply Follow New Topic. Guest over a year ago I've had the same problem for about 6 months until now. By accident I discovered that antidandruff shampoo works to clear it up!

Wash your penis head with foamed up shampoo a couple of times in a week and the issue vanishes. The shampoo can sting a bit, so make sure you rinse it off afterwards. I used head The soda canner penis shoulders- approprately enough The shampoo kills microbes responsible for flakes. Try it Guest over a year ago i have been having the same problemi thought it was because i am diabetic. I really get worried about my problem so any one please help me to solve my problem.

Iam very thankful to this website also. Guest over a year ago This is probably nothing to worry about. Make sure you are drinking lots of water, to stay hydrated 8 glasses a day. I would recommend not washing with soap, but that is to prevent any of it being transmitted into a partners urinary track, which can cause infection.

The soda canner penis, If you have a partner that is willing to perform oral, that is a great help in cleaning and moisturizing the glans. If the problem persists or you notice any soars, The soda canner penis medical attention. It's not as scary as you think: You go in swab your member with a cleansing whipe, pee in a cup and they The soda canner penis you if you have any STD's. If you are concerned about AIDS you may want to also request a blood test.

Again, probably nothing The soda canner penis worry about. But, be wise in your partner selection, even if it means not getting some for a while.

Play safe kids! Guest over a year ago all baking soda is aluminium free - its just sodium bicarbonate. Fedup over a year ago In reply to concerned on - click to read. I have a very similar problem to yours but mine was as a result of having Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer inhowever, there is something you can buy which will help any man with this problem but you may feel embarassed about buying it from your local pharmacy or get it from the internet, but don't be embarrassed you need this NN over a year ago guys i have similar problem since one month.

I'm gonna keep going with the treatment and let you know how it goes. Hope this helps. And really, it works, although it seems weird. Guest over a year ago Stop jacking off frequently and you will be fine. Guest over a year ago Hi everyone, I also have this problem sticky foreskin, glans not really The soda canner penis and absence of natural The soda canner penis of glans and foreskin since 2 years.

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