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Enjoy and please leave a comment, good or bad. In that detached state between sleep and awake, Sharon could hear the muffled tones of people talking. She had no idea what time it was and for a slight moment she was unsure even where she was. A faint glow of light illuminated the torso of Marcus who snuffled and shifted himself on the mattress next The saturdays fake nude her.

Her mouth was bone dry and she could feel the urge to The saturdays fake nude pressing down on her. She carefully spun herself off the bed and let her feet settle onto the floor. A slight chill was in the air as she took a The saturdays fake nude step out into the corridor.

The voices were coming from the front room where everyone disrobes, but her sudden vertical repositioning had caused an increasing in the desire to urinate. The empty lounge room was now lit with candles that were scattered around on the tables and dressers that lined the room. After a hurried bladder evacuation and a quick blast on the bidet, Sharon re-hydrated with a quick glass of icy The saturdays fake nude. The chill sent her nipples rising towards The saturdays fake nude clock that now read She heard a floorboard creak on the upstairs landing and a sudden rise in the volume of the chatter in the front room.

Despite being tired, curiosity got the better of her and she headed back down the hall, past her sleeping beau, and into the front The saturdays fake nude. Four of the men plus Zoe were in a state of semi-nakedness as they fumbled about looking for their clothes.

Startled, Zoe turned on her toes and instinctively held up a dress to cover herself. The candles are a nice touch. Suddenly she felt kind of weird being the only naked person amongst the clothed. Is that right? She rubbed her pussy at the idea of being gangbanged and the knowledge that these guys knew it excited her even more.

Marcus was still splayed across the bed, his cute arse was nicely defined by a shard of soft light. Just as she was about to turn back into the room she heard Xvideos teen big booty soft snore coming out of one of the other bedrooms that speared off from the main hallway.

She gently pushed the door open and snuck a quick glance in to see Lisa lying between two men. The men's cocks lay temptingly across their legs and if it had been earlier, she would have sucked them off there and then. Out of the corner of her eye she saw movement in the loungeroom. The naked figure of Caz was scurrying about with a damp cloth quelling the candles as she went.

The room slowly became darker and darker as each candle was extinguished. Sharon, tip-toeing silently across the room, was only about two metres away from Caz when a hard calloused hand swung out from under a sheet on the lounge and grabbed her leg.

Her startled scream sent Caz yelling and John, the crashed out carcass on the lounge, had to sit up and quieten them down quickly. I pity her husband.

I'm sure that Sharon won't mind sharing. The adrenalin The saturdays fake nude from bumping into him awoke her Tied legs spread open and now that same adrenalin was making her horny. I didn't want to waste it.

She expertly sucked and flicked his knob as she stroked his cock to complete hardness. Without a word, Sharon then stood up and bent herself over the back of the lounge on which John was still sleeping. She lifted her right knee up on the lounge and Neil, bending slightly at the knees, quickly filled her hungry wet cunt with his rigid cock.

Sharon tried to be as quiet as she could and the noisiest part was the slopping sound of her pussy juices sluicing around Neil's cock. Neil held her head up by grabbing her hair and gently pulling back.

Neil had fantastic technique and he really filled her pussy with his meat. He bent forward and scooped one of her boobs in his hand. She had to agree, she certainly was. John was still out of it even though the lounge was rocking from Neil's perfect thrusts.

Sharon though knew what would wake him and she flung his sheet off him and grabbed his cock. Neil began fingering her arsehole as he fucked into her, first one finger, then two. Long strands of spit dribbled down off her chin and onto the sheet as he drove his cock deep into her throat. Neil reached around and as he fucked her, began rubbing her clit.

The feeling of his cock sliding against her clit was tremendous and when John began to squeeze her left tit it was Sharon who came The saturdays fake nude. Her body shook and Neil momentarily stopped fucking her as The saturdays fake nude cunt spasmed around his thick prick. You'll love that won't you Sharon, you love cum don't you? As his cock shot a thin but fast spray of semen across her face, Neil whipped his cock out of her still twitching pussy and ran around the lounge next to the knee buckling John.

Like a fledgling in a nest, Sharon opened her mouth and waited for Neil's prong to deliver a meal. Neil didn't fail to deliver and his cock let loose a sizeable amount of jism over her beautiful young face. Most of it landed in her mouth and she held it there for a moment before standing back up and looking at the two men, swallowed the load straight down into her gullet. She The saturdays fake nude a sink full of warm water into the sink and lathered up some face wash before soaking the men's effluvia off her face.

Neil followed her in and flicked the shower on. Sharon admired his fit physique as he The saturdays fake nude up his cock and balls. Even though clearly in his forties, Neil was fitter than many of the twenty year olds she'd fucked. Deciding to have a quick shower rather than just a face wash, Sharon sauntered over and opened the door.

Stepping into the shower Neil immediately began to lather up her tits and pussy with handfuls of foam. A small bulb of jizz squeezed out so she gathered it on the tip The saturdays fake nude her index finger before sucking it into her mouth. It would be nice to be able to keep this up with a partner though. She feels more comfortable here in someone's home. In a reflective silence the two dried themselves and contemplated their own desires, Neil for unrestrained fucking and hedonism, Sharon, much the same.

Neil hung the towel over The saturdays fake nude rung and held Sharon by the waist "So," he said, "time for bed then. Tomorrow we'll do it all again, okay? As she lay next to him and watched the shadows of a tree play across the curtains, she comfortably let Mr Nod take her away into a dreamless sleep. When she heard the clang of a spoon hitting the tiles in the kitchen she immediately reached over to where the snoring carcase of Marcus had been when she fell into bed. Disappointed she was The saturdays fake nude her hand The saturdays fake nude upon an empty mattress however she did feel remarkably refreshed.

Sitting up in bed she gazed across at the room opposite where Lisa had slept and it too seemed empty. Shuffling books and magazines around the bedside table she searched fruitlessly for a timepiece of some description. She languidly stretched out and reflected on the previous evening's activities before spinning herself off the bed. The saturdays fake nude the bright of morning she stood up and checked herself in The saturdays fake nude wardrobe mirror. The wafting aroma of bacon, interspersed with toast and ground coffee, set her stomach rumbling and she was The saturdays fake nude to the kitchen in search of sustenance.

Nothing exciting or controversial but it must have been some dream. Ellen had been scanning the paper as Sharon walked in but she slid it across to Neil and smiled up at her. She picked up her tea and with a nod to everyone in the house, stepped outside into the sunshine.

The Xxx pussy ass tits close up from the white pavers took her by surprise and she had to squint into the brightness. Report Story. Login or Sign Up. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any form without explicit written permission.

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