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Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise. This Story is in no way shape form or fashion my work, I take no credit for it what so ever.

Jaina Solo was hornier than she had ever been in her short life. She had just watched her two brothers Star wars ahsoka sex anakin their girlfriends like a couple of little fuckdolls for medical research. After discovering that there was a transfer of Midi-Chlorians during sex to both male and female participants which increased both partners Jedi abilities, Cilghal, the Jedi Healer asked the two boys to participate in her little experiment.

Filling both Tenel Ka and Tahiri with their hot Jedi seed, Cilghal's theories were proven correct and both girls as well as both boys showed an increase in Midi-Chlorian counts after sex. Jaina had watched the entire scene, fucking herself and cumming at the sight of her two well-hung brothers Naked girl big tits their cocks down into two unconscious and very attractive Jedi sluts.

All she could think of as she walked back to her room was being double-teamed by those two very same cocks as soon as possible. I need to get fucked again! Jaina may have just came only minutes earlier, but the need to Star wars ahsoka sex anakin and get drilled by a big Jedi cock Star wars ahsoka sex anakin overpowering her senses again.

It was almost as if she was mimicking the symptoms of her sex idol, Ahsoka Tano, who needed constant sexual stimulation to subdue her specie's teenage sickness, Star wars ahsoka sex anakin the Urge. I'll just watch another one of those holovids Maybe they'll give me some answers to why I'm always so horny And if they don't, at least I'll get myself off!

She knew both Anakin and Jacen would be on the Star wars ahsoka sex anakin soon for some more pussy and Jaina was definitely on the top of their lists to fuck. Although she wanted nothing more than to get fucked like a whore by her two handsome Star wars ahsoka sex anakin, she wanted just a few hours of time to herself to figure some things out before indulging both her and her brothers' fantasies. Stripping out of her tight spandex shorts and tube top, Jaina quickly walked over to the Groups of girls in mooning at the other side of her room and slipped the holochip into it before taking a seat on the nearest couch.

As the holo-projector began to play, Jaina secretly wished she had at least had a cock to play with as she watched another thrilling instalment. My cum is running down your leg. Clean if off Star wars ahsoka sex anakin we land, I don't need the whole Jedi Order suspecting me of fucking my young apprentice. The trip back to Coruscant was long and a little bit pointless considering the fact that they could have transmitted the intelligence via HoloNet, but Nuns fucking and double fisting the Council believed it unsafe to do so, Anakin had agreed to return back to Coruscant and deliver it personally.

The trip may have been long and pointless, but in no way was it uneventful. Ahsoka had been lucky enough to ride her Master's cock several times a day, getting filled over and over again by his hot Jedi seed and in the process, satisfying the Urge that constantly made her hunger for more cock.

Anakin reached out with the Force and snatched them out of Ahsoka's hands before she could put them on however. I want you horny and ready for when we get back to the ship. I'll do anything you want when we get back if you Ebony bbw pull- outs xxx covered me now! Although the Urge was not yet affecting her judgement and Star wars ahsoka sex anakin like it usually did before she turned into an even bigger insatiable slut, Ahsoka could think of nothing better than being stuffed full of her Master's cock one more time before her meeting with Shaak Ti.

If you let me fuck your ass when we get back. My ass I guess so But we don't have much time, so Nude blonde lesbian kissing needs to be a quickie. Hike up that sexy skirt of yours!

I can't blame her I'd let him fuck me in the ass too if he was fucked me right now! So good! It didn't take long for Star wars ahsoka sex anakin to cum and after only a few minutes of hard and fast fucking, Ahsoka could feel his shaft expanding inside her; a telltale sign of her Master's impending orgasm. I gotta run I'll fuck your ass when we get back! Ahsoka enjoyed the sensation of her Master's cum leaking out of her pussy for a few moments before pulling down her skirt and running off to her meeting as well.

You are exactly five minutes late for our scheduled meeting. I was delayed. Master Shaak Ti I myself went through the same thing during my age of maturity, and by the steady stream of cum dripping down your inner thigh, I see you have already started feeling the Urge. I remember how good it felt to have my pussy filled with hot cum and although I can't say I tried my hardest to fight the Urge during those years, I did learn much during that time that I can Star wars ahsoka sex anakin with you now.

At the moment however, Ahsoka had no intention of ever fighting the Urge, especially when it felt so could to satisfy it. I'm not saying you can't have sex whenever you want, but just make sure it is on your terms. The Urge can be used as a tool against both friends and enemies to get what you want and escape certain harm. Men will Star wars ahsoka sex anakin almost anything for you, just to get a piece of your fine ass, something that I have learned is true for every attractive woman, Togrutan or not.

I wish you to read through this when you have a chance, but before you do, a friend of mine and the Jedi Order has agreed to teach Star wars ahsoka sex anakin some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to sex and how to use it to your advantage. But I kind of like be used like a slut. Ahsoka wouldn't mind being able to use her sexiness as a tool to get what she wanted, but by no means did she want to give up being a total slut. I myself could not control the Urge many times during my youth and was impregnated no less than five times in a few short years.

This will no doubt happen to you, as it does to every Togrutan female during their early life, but with a little self-control and patience, you will at least be afforded some respect during and after the age of maturity. But who'll be teaching me these tricks. Looks like I've got some more things to learn from her. Jaina had Star wars ahsoka sex anakin started manipulating the male Jedi around her using her sex appeal, but lately she had indulged herself and forgotten all about her ability to get what she wanted, using nothing but her body as a means to take control of every situation.

Master Shaak Ti said I'm supposed to accompany you during your daily routine to learn-" Ahsoka said before being interrupted by Padme in mid-sentence. How to use that fine ass of yours to get whatever you want.

At least you've got a lot to work with We just need to work on your self-control. After getting her first glimpse of the Senator from Naboo, Ahsoka could easily understand how the young woman had attained such an esteemed Star wars ahsoka sex anakin so early in her Star wars ahsoka sex anakin. Padme was wearing a glittering short black and gold dress, with black high heels a beautiful Star wars ahsoka sex anakin belt wrapped around her waist.

It was her physical appearance however, that stunned Ahsoka the most — long smooth legs, small firm breasts, a juicy heart-shaped ass, petite frame, and beautiful face really made the young Senator stand out like no other. Just follow you around and watch? I therefore will chip away at the Chancellor's resolve by asking for only minor changes in the Republic's stance on the war. Just for the Chancellor to hear out a few of the more disgruntled Separatists and hopefully resolve the war without as much bloodshed.

No panties! Before entering, Padme readjusted her dress and opened the door to find the Chancellor's main office doors guarded by four highly trained Senatorial Guards. Nodding their heads and waving her on ahead to enter the Chancellor's main office, Padme and Ahsoka walked into to find the Supreme Chancellor ready for their meeting. Please have a seat. Noticing that the Chancellor's eyes had roamed over Christine mendoza sex tape of their tight little bodies, Padme took the initiative and sat down in her chair with her legs open just enough so the Chancellor could see her finely trimmed pubic hair and tight little pussy.

Ahsoka did the same thing seconds later, following in Padme's footsteps and taking a seat opposite the Chancellor and opening her legs wide enough for him to see her delectable little orange pussy.

I hope Grandma doesn't fuck that evil old fucker! Jaina knew from historical holovids that the Emperor had once been known as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and although the Palpatine was not Star wars ahsoka sex anakin scarred and cloaked in black, she knew what Star wars ahsoka sex anakin would become.

Had something to discuss with me about? I was hoping I could persuade you to speak with a couple of representatives from the Separatists to help expedite this costly war. I am sorry Senator, but my stance on the matter prevents me from doing so. I thought we could at least discuss the matter as well as others during a few 'private' sessions. I guess I could be persuaded to at least hear you out. Shall we meet next week in my personal quarters for some more private discussions?

You are welcome to join us as well Padawan. Ahsoka considered the invitation briefly before Padme spoke for her. I'm sure that I'm more than a match. That shit really works! So remember that, the next time you need something from a man. I can see what Anakin sees in herPadme thought to herself as Ahsoka Star wars ahsoka sex anakin the corner. Maybe later, when I think you've earned it. I guess I should tease more than I treat.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Star Wars. A look at what could have happened in the Star Wars mythos, through an erotic lens. Chapter 1 - Meeting Ass-hoka Tano 2. Chapter 2 - Meeting Ass-hoka Tano Pt 2 3. Chapter 3 - Grandma? Chapter 4 - Aayla Secura 5. Chapter 5 - Evaluations 6. Chapter 6 - Breaking the Slave Ring 7. Chapter 7 - Breaking the Slave Ring Pt2 8.

Chapter 8 - Tano VS Star wars ahsoka sex anakin 9.

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