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I meet girls on the street or other public places and I ask them if they are willing to show me their bare feet. I choose mainly young students who are naive, inexperienced and need the money urgently. In addition, their soft and smooth soles are the most fascinating for me. I photograph them myself and I do not sell my content to any other websites, so I guarantee absolute exclusivity.

She is a typical Russian, which was a bit exotic for me. I caught her when she was on the way back to the hotel and I invited her for a glass of wine. During our conversation I told her about photographing and invited her to my apartment.

After a few minutes I asked her to take off her Nude girls showing their feet but she showed her bare feet with a high reluctance and contempt. Nevertheless, I admired the wide shape of her beautiful soles and sexy toes. A few minutes later she naively thought that she will become a world famous model when she will agree with photographing. When we arrived to my aparment, she willingly took off her well worn socks and she showed her bare feet in all poses.

It seemed it was great fun for her because the whole time she was smiling and laughing, especially when I tickled her on her soles. She had nothing against Nude girls showing their feet her feet but she was very tired and wanted to go to sleep. I gave her my phone number and the next day she contacted me. When she arrived to my apartment and took off her clothes, I was fascinated by her big breasts in sheer lingerie, although I prefer big feet in the first place.

But this girl has both! Her big, meaty soles surprised me from the first moment. They both wanted to go somewhere in the evening, but one of them had to stay home and look after her younger sister. It was a great opportunity for me. I proposed to her that she can join me and she agreed. When I told her that I am photographer, she was immediately interested to try become a model. Thanks to it I had a chance to take pics of her feet for free! Even she was happy and fulfilled my every wish with pleasure!

It is very difficult to persuade them to photographing. They are too shy and do not want publicity. This girl was not an exception. But after some time she was in the situation when she needed the money urgently and changed her opinion. Naturally, I enjoyed her all the more and directed her Nude girls showing their feet a Nude girls showing their feet hot poses. The only one thing that she strictly refused was sniffing and licking her feet.

However, she agreed with tickling, which was a great experience! Recently she left her long-term boyfriend and she enjoys the freedom. Perhaps, thanks to this fact Naked bbw butt cheeks was hungry for adventure and she agreed with photographing without hesitation.

As is evident from her seductive smile, she liked to show off her beautiful body and sexy long legs with slender shaped feet. In addition, she was extremely ticklish on her smooth soles. I was at the right time at the right place because she was sad due to some problems with her boyfriend, which was the perfect opportunity Nude girls showing their feet get her in front of the camera.

To my pleasure, she had no experience with photographing. I was totally amazed when she took off her jeans and socks because she had beautiful long legs with fantastically shaped, relatively big and exceptionally smooth feet. I was fascinated also by her sexy long toes with natural toenails. Fortunately, this sexy blonde was very nice and she was willing to show me her bare feet at my place.

She saw nothing wrong in it and she considered Nude girls showing their feet funny. Her approach Nude girls showing their feet really extremely positive.

I really admired her beautiful legs Nude girls showing their feet smooth feet and cute toes. In addition, she was very ticklish on her soles. Fortunately she calmed down after my explanation Nude girls showing their feet started to be friendly.

When we arrived to my Nude girls showing their feet, she willingly took Nude girls showing their feet her nylon socks and a beautiful smell of her feet immediately filled my bedroom and nostrils. She was showing me her legs and feet with pleasure, as is evident from her Dawn from pokemon is a slut smile on her face. I told her bullshit like "You could be a model with your perfect hair style! She did not understand that some people like girls and women with big feet.

Even she looked disgusted but finally she showed her big soles and long toes in all positions. Nude girls showing their feet rights reserved. Reprodution without permission is strictly prohibited. This site is in full compliance with U. Code Title 18 Section All models are at least 18 years of age. Welcome to a true foot fetish website by a true foot enthusiast!

Update Summary: Prague is full of Russian tourists and this young lady takes care of them as a tourist guide. Update Summary: This red-haired girl was a little bit shocked when I took a picture of her on the street. Update Summary: It was cold morning when I met this busty blonde who returned home from work after night shift.

Update Summary: I was going to dinner to a Chinese restaurant and in front of entrance was this sweet little girl calling to her classmate. Update Summary: The bookworm girls represent a very low percentage of the total number of models on this website.

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Update Summary: This attractive blonde was a little bit upset when I photographed her on the street without her consent. Update Summary: I met this slightly extravagant girl when she went to pick up her younger brother from kindergarten. Get Instant Access.

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