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My eyes adjust to the light, I blink over and over and finally focus on my surroundings. Your face looms over my mine and I register that I'm naked, gagged and bound with my hand above my head and my feet together at the end of the table. I begin to struggle and Naked gagged and bound at my bonds, and you smirk and tell me that I won't be able to move. When I finally agree that you are right, you tell me how I landed here and that you think I am incredibly beautiful and you want me for your own.

I can do nothing but watch you as your hands trail down my arms and neck and teasing my nipples, as you roll your palms and fingertips over them making me moan ever so lightly.

You tell me that Naked gagged and bound going to make me scream in pleasure as you kiss down my neck and pleasure my nipples with your tongue only so shortly as you hear me moan again. You tell me not yet, trailing your hands and lips down my hips, nipping at them making me squirm in my bonds. You do something that I can't see and pull on the chains holding my feet and raise them off the table and position them above my head leaving me exposed.

You trace down my legs, cupping my ass and feeling how wet I am. I squirm as you touch my clit, telling me that I've got a few more things to do before you give me any pleasure. As soon as you say that, the metal blinds go up and before me is a group of half naked men and a woman staring at me from behind a window. You press another button and a mirror Naked gagged and bound from the ceiling and is position above me, I give you a curious look and you tell me its so I can watch.

Slowly 2 men and one woman enter the room, you walk over to me and tell me that I am to service each person at least once, and then walk out of the room and shut the door. You position a seat in front of the window and stare at me. The group moves in closer to me and I muffle yelling and struggle to get out of my bonds as they all laugh at me.

One of the men grabs my ass and rubs his fingers against my clit, saying "she's Naked gagged and bound the other man laughing and saying "of course she is, dirty little whore loves this shit" as he releases my hand from its bonds and places it on his hard cock.

I strain to move my hand as another hand grasps my throat and tells me not to move otherwise things won't go very well. She keeps her hand on my throat and tells the other men to remove my gag because she wants my mouth. He removes it, I lick my lips and she bites my lip and shoves her tongue inside my mouth as another man shoves his tongue inside me. I moan against her tongue as she whispers in my ear that she loves it when I moan Naked gagged and bound cry out as she tweaks my nipples.

She gets up on the table and sit over my face, the man tells me to lick that pussy and ass good, he pulls her hair and I obey and slowly lick her clit Naked gagged and bound and over as her hips grind into my face The man by my head grabs my hair and pulls her ass down to my mouth and tells me to eat her ass, her body tenses as she waits for me to pleasure her as the other man thrusts inside. I moan into her ass as the other man pushes my face into her ass while she slaps my tits and pulls on my nipples.

She grinds her hips and ass into my mouth, screaming while my pussy is being destroyed, thrusting ruthlessly over and over. The man then tells me to make her cum, she reaches back and pulls on my hair, grinding harder and harder into my tongue and using my free hand to reach around and play with her clit as she continues to scream. Her screaming gets louder as she tenses up and moans ever so loudly as the two men cheer and she squirts all over my face.

One man picks her up off the table and sits her in a chair as she recovers, and he returns to the table, pressing Naked gagged and bound button that makes top part of the table disappear, leaving my head hanging back and my mouth at the perfect level to take him in.

He smacks my Naked gagged and bound with his cock, smearing Naked gagged and bound cum all over my face and tells me to open my mouth as he slowly fills me, letting my tongue swirl around his thick cock. I cough as he hits Naked gagged and bound back of my throat. He laughs and tells me I need to get used to that, he positions his hands on my tits and thrusts long and deep into my mouth, watching his cock go to the back of my throat.

He moves one hand to my throat to feel each thrust, as the other man lubes up my ass and works three fingers in there, I'm moaning against his cock. He groans, the woman comes behind him and begins to lick his ass and play with his balls as he fucks my mouth Mallu aunties hot naked stills. His thrusts get harder and tears are running down my face, he groans and mumbles oh my god under his breath as his Naked gagged and bound shoots down my throat, he keeps his cock there as I feel it pulsing in my throat.

He finally pulls out and I take a loud gasp for air as the other man begins to work his cock in my ass, she presses the button and the table comes back again, and tells me to suck as her large tits are positioned in front of my mouth.

He thrusts into me, making me scream as he smacks my clit over and over at each thrust, and she bites down on my nipple and the other man does the same to the other nipple, I'm moaning and screaming from pain and pleasure. The man doesn't last long in my ass, shooting his load into me as you stand and watch his cum drip out of my ass onto the table. You open the door and they all leave, you enter and tell me that I've been a good little whore and have earned my own orgasm.

You keep my hands bound but Naked gagged and bound my feet and pull my hips off the table, you kiss me and grab my tits with one hand and the other you massage my clit and Women showing masterbating homemade videos a finger inside me making me moan against your tongue.

You move your Naked gagged and bound faster and harder inside me, my legs tensing I groan and scream in frustration as you keep me from my release, you laugh and tell me "dirty little sluts don't get what they want, it is what Naked gagged and bound want.

You spread my ass cheeks and slide your cock inside me, groaning as you do while you ignore my desperate gasps. You smack my ass over and over, loving the way my pink skin looks, grabbing my hair as you tell me to fucking scream as you fuck me. You dig your nails into my hips, thrusting harder and harder into me, feeling me squeeze against you inside me every Naked gagged and bound you enter me.

You know I'm close, my body is quivering and shaking, you lean forward against my back and whisper in my ear, pulling my hair telling me the words I've been Naked gagged and bound to hear I roll my head Naked gagged and bound as you thrust deeper inside me, telling me again to cum for you, cum all over your hard cock.

You soak in the sight of my Naked gagged and bound, pounding my ass over and over, my screams and moans as you feel me spasm all over your dick, you bite my shoulders and down my back, slowly pulling out of me, biting my ass and telling me I'm a good girl. Just when I relax and think its over, you thrust hard back into me and tell me that this is for you, that I am here for your pleasure, as I Naked gagged and bound yes out loud.

You fuck me harder than ever, relentless and mean, smacking my ass, hands on my throat, pulling at my hand restraints, I think I'm going to die, you grunt and groan Big asshole rear view xxx you finally cum inside me. My body shudders as you pull out of me, your cum dripping out of me and down my legs. You release my hands and tell me I'm a good little fucking whore as I smile, I begin to ask a question and you already know what it is, you tell me that you recorded it and we will watch it later Report Story.

He makes a video of himself committing multiple felonies. Unless he's going to kill her and and try to get away with murder, the minute she gets loose, she's going to the police.

After that Mr. Dumb Ass Master is going to prison for life where he'll serve as Bubba's Bitch and Naked gagged and bound his ass raped nightly. Really poorly thought out drivel. Title of your comment:. Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters.

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