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This story from Longhair boy has been read 1 8 7 0 1 times. In love with Long indian hair fetish hair Written by Longhair boyongenre fetish All my life I have been in love with long hair. My first babysitter had hair almost to her knees. Long indian hair fetish my parents were going out I could not wait for my sitter to arrive.

She was 18 and like many girls in the sixties she had incredible thick long hair but knowing that my parents were very conservative she always arrived with her mane neatly put up in a bun wearing simple clothes.

What they did not know was that in her purse was her brush. Simply meant for me to have fun with. She had been my sitter for as long as I can remember and from the time I can remember I was always wanting to play with it.

Now don't get me wrong, this was all quite innocent. I was only six at the time and there was Long indian hair fetish possible way anything sexual could or would ever happen but all the same, she was more then happy to keep me quiet while she would watch tv.

How easy a job this was for her! She got a kid that was not a little snot and as a bonus she would get to have her hair brushed until I was so tired I just fell asleep. Usually still holding the brush halfway stuck down her back. And I know she must have Long indian hair fetish enjoyed it as she never said no to my request to play with all that hair. Well, as most early experiences in life, the love of long hair stuck with me. As I grew older and more aware of the fairer Long indian hair fetish the first thing I would judge a woman by was how long and pretty her hair was.

And if the hair was exceptional, other physical aspects were overlooked. As I saw it, she may not be all that pretty but her hair would make up for it in spades. And Long indian hair fetish usually ended up being a bonus for me as they were just happy that a nice looking guy was actually showing genuine attraction to them as my passion was not just a way to get into her pants or in my case, my fingers and whatever else they would allow into their hair.

Most of the girls and then as I became a man women Long indian hair fetish dated had hair at least to their waist. Anything less would just not do it for me and I have probably missed out on many an incredible sexual encounter with a woman with much shorter hair but still I held to my passions and I have never regretted it.

I ended up with a Masters degree in college in accounting. Unlike many of my graduating class I chose to not join a normal firm but instead I went to work for an accounting temp agency. This had a wonderful advantage for me as I was never in the same place for too long of a time which I felt would Long indian hair fetish me a chance to meet many more woman then usually possible if I had stayed in one place.

And for this reason alone I picked the Long indian hair fetish road less traveled. One assignment would make this choice the smartest move I have ever made in my life next to the first time I asked that babysitter to let me brush her hair and here is that story.

It was an assignment in another state at a very large textiles company in the mid-west. I made arrangements for the 6 month assignment with my landlord and packed my Long indian hair fetish for the new job. I arrived on a Friday afternoon and decided to go and meet my new surroundings before Long indian hair fetish into the hotel.

When I arrived at the corporate headquarters I found myself surrounded by almost all the employees out in the parking lot having an summer company party. After asking around I finally found my new boss and he was quick to put a beer in my hand and a plate of ribs in the other. I found a seat and started on the food when Long indian hair fetish began watching the sack race. There were about ten Long indian hair fetish lined up ready to start the race and with the number of people in front of me I could not see the action very well.

The race started with much cheering and laughter when all of a sudden Long indian hair fetish of the teams bumped into each other. Both teams fell to the ground but what caught my eye was that one of the women, she was what many men would consider "average" black rimmed glasses and rather plain clothing but where my eyes were drawn to was the momentary glimpse of what appeared to be the largest bun I have ever seen in my life.

And I have seen and been with a few exceptional women with hair to their knees and Long indian hair fetish and ever so soft Long indian hair fetish from the limited view I had I could have sworn that as she Long indian hair fetish falling that bun exploded.

I could not find another word to describe it other then that! And before I could set my plate down and get a much better look she was already gathering herself up and moving off into the opposite direction into the crowd.

I tried to make my way through Long indian hair fetish hundreds of people to see just who this woman was but there was just no way I was going anywhere fast. Before I knew it she was gone and I never saw her the rest of the day. I decided to not ask about who she was as it would have seemed strange coming from a newbie so I just let it go for the moment.

I did however decide that I was going to find out just who she was when the time presented itself. The weekend passed so slowly as the more I thought about her the worse my curiosity got, Monday could not get here soon enough. On my fist day at work I was taken to my cubicle and was introduced to those in my department I would be working with in the accounting dept.

Everyone seemed very nice but the cubicle right across from me was empty of it's occupant. I took at look at the nameplate and it read "Carole Sturm — Accounts Payable". The work space was neat and almost sterile. Under that space next to the chair was her purse and it was open. I took a quick look and besides the usual things found in such a place was an enormous brush and from what I could tell a pretty expensive one.

I Long indian hair fetish beginning to think my luck was on the up. The morning passed and as lunch Long indian hair fetish still no "Carole". So a little disappointed I left for my hour break. When I returned I had actually forgotten about the cubicle next to me and did not even look into it as I sat down to begin going over my work again. As I began to get lost into what I was doing a voice said "Hi, you must be Ken. I guess I should introduce myself since we will be working together.

I'm Carole". I looked up and sitting across from me looking straight at me was the woman from the sack race! I just about died right then and cracked out a pretty sorry "hi". I felt like freshman in high school being asked for a pencil from the prom queen! I finally managed a smile and rolled across the floor extending my hand to shake hers. She was actually a Long indian hair fetish prettier closer up but her taste in clothing was Long indian hair fetish as plain and conservative as at the picnic.

But there was potential there. More them most women could ever hope for. I decided to play it very cool and keep the tone on a very pleasant basis. As I rolled my chair back to my space I watched her turn back around to her computer with put her back to be and as she turned I Long indian hair fetish about had a heart attack.

The bun was larger then any I had ever seen in my life anywhere. It was a bigger then a softball by almost double. It was an incredible deep brown and not a hair was out of place. The bun was perfect for lack of a better word and not a pin could be seen holding it up which made me even wonder if it was Long indian hair fetish except that I did see it all come down only a few days before.

Well, needless to say I was not going to be getting much work done today as I just could Long indian hair fetish pry my eyes from that bun the rest of the day. For the next few weeks I just played nice. Carole and I were actually on the same project trying to clear up accounts and getting things up to date. I was hoping that I could stretch this assignment out for much Long indian hair fetish then the initial six months but Carole was no slouch when it cam to what she does.

Good luck would have it that there were thousands of accounts that needed attention and for that I was most grateful. The one depressing thing was that Carole wore that hair the exact same way every day. Never wavering in any way and her clothes seemed to all look alike. But one day she did wear a simple blouse and from that I could tell she was hiding under that top one very large pair of breasts. Funny how the boring clothing she wore could keep something like that hidden from everyone else.

Over time I got to chat often with her. She was thankfully single. Lived alone and had a cat. She did not seem to be active in much in her spare time other then reading. But the more I Hentai manga jungle girl to know her the more I could tell that she at least liked to be around me.

After about a month I decided to ask her out for dinner. She seemed kind of stunned by this and I was beginning to think that she was going to turn Long indian hair fetish down when she asked me why I would want to go out with someone like her.

I have been in this position before and from experience I have learned to play it cool. I told her that I thought that she was a very nice person and that I enjoyed working with her.

She then came right back with "but you are such good looking Ken, why would you want to be seen with someone so plain as I? She looked a bit puzzled but then a smile slightly broke out and she coyly said "OK, what time? But keeping my charm under control I said "Great, can I pick you up at your place? So with that being said we went back to work for the rest of the day and never mentioned it again.

At 7 I arrived at her condo and with some pretty flowers in hand I rang then bell. I turned the knob and open the door went. In side was a rather clean and neat place with a large white cat sitting Long indian hair fetish the middle of the floor. I walked up to the Long indian hair fetish and began to scratch his head when I head from behind me "Wow, he never comes up to strangers, let alone most people!

I'm very impressed". I told her he had a beautiful cat and asked what his name was. I'm afraid it's not very original but my niece named him. I turned around to see my date and found she looked almost as she did at work but with maybe slightly nicer colors.

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