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Read and Review. Haven't written a straight smut for a while. Or at least a good one. No real plot in this, or really any background information, just assume that everything is like this because Johnny Test is sort of a trash human being, and that is why it is so easy to write him doing trash things. Johnny Test, eighteen year old self proclaimed 'super star' was eager as a kid on Christmas morning.

Mostly Johnny test mary naked this was pretty Johnny test mary naked his Christmas morning. He had been waiting for it excitedly, and in his mind patiently.

Only annoying his older super scientist sisters a dozen times in the past ten hours. He had been so excited that he had not slept for ten hours except for Johnny test mary naked, and had Johnny test mary naked even made lunch for anyone.

He had to order out a pizza. Which is what he did while playing video games. So let's just say that he was at his peak level of excitement when he headed down the hall to his sisters wing of the house. As they had grown older the three children had slowly but steadily grown more and more independent.

And more and more demanding of their parents. In Johnny test mary naked way they had slowly gained control of an entire section of the house. This gave them much more independence and time alone. This brought the three of them closer together. And even more secretive towards their parents then before.

Sometimes weeks would go by without Johnny test mary naked their mother or father haven't seen them. Of course after what Johnny did six weeks ago changed everything. The entire dynamic of the house shifted. And now everyone was entirely different for it. Some might argue that it was for the worse. Johnny obviously thought that it was for the better.

And the other four members of his house did not have anything to say about it anymore, except to agree with Johnny. They had no choice. The old voice of reason in the house Dukey was no longer with them.

The poor thing had chased his expensive coffee maker on legs out into traffic. Why anyone would make Johnny test mary naked coffee maker with legs was anyones guess. Some would argue that Johnny just got tired of his best friend being a dog and wanted to move on. But that would be a bit too dark and selfish. Even for Johnny Test the flaming headed boy Johnny got to the red hallway.

The kids wing of the house was much larger then the rest of the house. Mary and Susan claimed that it was due to some sort of Johnny test mary naked space twisting so that more room could be fitted Johnny test mary naked a smaller place and give them more room to work. He really didn't get it, he more or less thought that what his sisters did was magic, he never really chose to question it. It just meant that he could do more cool stuff and not really have to think about it.

He paused and licked his palms before running them through his hair. Just because he was going to be living through his greatest and wildest dreams didn't mean that he couldn't look really awesome while doing it.

He paused at a mirror and shot himself a The incredibles violet porn dash of finger pistols. He looked good. Any girl would be lucky to have him as a boyfriend. Hell any girl would be lucky to even know him as a friend.

He tried not to think about how he didn't actually hang out with anyone besides his own immediate family. That was just because everyone else was delusional except for him. He was the best. Johnny continued down the hallway before tripping over his father. His dad looked up at him with Johnny test mary naked scared eyes. Knowing that he had done something wrong. Johnny just smirked downwards at his smaller father. Johnny had gotten taller and larger ever since he turned eighteen.

Johnny test mary naked was almost as if someone had done something scientifically aimed to his own body to make him bigger and better He was wearing his old clothing, puke green sweater, brown slacks and a white shirt. All in tatters. He had not changed them for a few months. No one had told him to do Sexy nude secretary ass paint. After he lost his job he only had the house to take care of.

And mostly robot helpers had done so, he was becoming more and more obsolete. And he knew it. Johnny could have probably asked the twins to do Johnny test mary naked so that he was not so dreary. But it was sort of fun, educational, like watching a jack-o-lantern slowly fall apart after Halloween. Johnny had not cleared the old halloween decorations from the front porch yet. He should program something to do it for him. He might have the muscles of a body builder and the face of a movie star but that didn't mean he wanted to go to all of the work of Johnny shot back up, his mind was already on another thing.

He wanted to see what his older sisters had done. He stepped over Hugh and 'accidentally' slapped the back of the mans knees. Johnny turned the final corner and Johnny test mary naked the three statues of their enemies frozen in stone.

The statues were pretty grim to look at. After Johnny test mary naked it was not pleasant Johnny test mary naked turn into statues. But they had to do it. And Susan and Mary had assured him that there was absolutely no way to turn them back. He probably felt a little guilty about that. After all the three of them had been friends with the Test kids for years They would definitely not understand why Johnny, Susan and Mary did what they did.

It was for the best! And the best did not always mean the best for everyone. They were making their world a better place. Just not necessarily the entire world. Just specifically their world. Johnny's smirk went to a magical grin when he finally saw the final door to the right. Johnny test mary naked where the girls had told him to meet them. Johnny test mary naked had her long red curly locks loose over her Johnny test mary naked, she had left her glasses off.

She said that she preferred contacts. Johnny preferred them too. You could see her face easier. Although there was something to say about glasses looking sexy on girls. Such as Susan, she wore her glasses all the time.

Even while she slept. And good God did she wear them well. Johnny licked his lips as he approached. The two of them looked so delicious in their outfits. They were wearing black leather, it covered them just enough to give you a peek at their nipples and their cunts. Their pussy's were shaved, as were their legs. They had no need for bra's, their tits just naturally stayed perky and upright. It went really well with their perky and upright ass's.

Johnny grinned and strutted over towards them like the stud that he was. He could smell their arousal, and by the way that their pink puffy pussy lips were dripping he deduced that they had just begun to orgasm at the thought of him. They had actually gotten a little bored waiting for their younger brother and masturbated to a climax.

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