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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Inside Out. Fear awakens new emotions inside Riley. Will she learn from experiences and mature through the henosis of one's thoughts?

It was a fine day inside the Riley head, and the emotions were doing their job well. Riley was searching the garage for materials to donate to a charity for disabledful children, and Joy was on the ride. Fear, however, was thinking noxious thoughts. What if there is no Heaven or Hell, what if we are doomed to the crushingly fatalistic void of nonexistence? In his rampage he clicked the puberty button, and a mist coloured in pink, orange and white began to appear and flood the room.

From it came three emotions just like them, but different. The pink one was a man that was dressed in a pink leather thong, the orange one was a girl in a straightjacket, and the white one was an abstract construct made of flowing, interlocking white rectangles with ten thousand yellow eyes each.

Lust, Pyschosis and Justice ignored. They pushed the buttons, and Riley found a screwdriver. Then she turned it on and shoved it up her pussy! Disgust, Anger, Fear and Sadness were shocked! These new emotions just made a horrible depraved act happen to their most dearest charge. Fear's greatest fear would also become true, because there was no way Riley would survive such horrible deprivations. Joy, on the other hand, much liked, she loved the pain between Riley's carnicerous swamp folds, she always loved being a megawhore and now she could Inside out joy nude her pitiful little girl into one!

It was full of huge warts ejeculating the most filthy pus. Now Riley walked to the streets naked, posing like a megawhore.

Everyone else gasped in SHOCK, they were hateful prudes who could fathom the primal might that drives mankind forward even when steel is polished and covers a universe ripe for gnosis and contemplation. Inside out joy nude then grabbed a pussycat and shoved it into her vagina, moaning in pleasure as its claws ripped through her insides, tearing her womb out of her sex, which Inside out joy nude on the ground like a diseased fish.

She then grabbed it and chewed it like chewing gum, making a huge bloody bubble that burst in a violent red vapour that pulverised an old lady's face. Disgust much hated that act, it would convert Riley to bad manners if she saw, so she vomited a foul mixture of confettis and marmalade sauce from her anus. But then a police officer appeared! Suddenly, Riley karate chopped the policeman to the legs, shattering the bones into a bloody explosion of shards that flew off everywhere and impaled many children and old folks, obliterating their faces and bodies and cutting through into their brains or their torsos, either way making them loose control of their bowels and expell multiple torrents of rotten shit from their anuses or intestinal cuts, and soon and the street was a flowing river of Inside out joy nude in multiple shades of brown and yellow, dragging away everthing in a torrential rapid that quickly flooded a good part of the suburbs, instantly turning them into a foul, diseased wetland of poop.

Several screamed in terror and added further to the swamp, while many more were drowned in the poo, that was shoved into all of their orifices and flooded their flesh. Before the officer even had the chance to fall down or even scream Riley jumped into the air and kicked him in the face, making his head not only snap his neck, but also be utterly dislodged from his shoulders, sending it flying through the air.

The last moments of the police officer were a painful swirling vortex that would have made him vomit if not for the lack of connection with the guts, and soon he passed out for good. The head landed on Sunnyside Daycare, crashing through the windows, making countless shards pierce every single baby which died slow and agonising deaths while Barbie and Ken masturbated their filthy crayon covered genitalia.

The guard head fell on Stretch, who then projected it back into the sky, obliterating the ceiling and sending the whole place crashing down in ruins. Riley's father was walking down the street! He Tinker bell porno hd absolutely shocked at all the destruction and seeing his daughter naked and mutilated.

Riley then took off her father's underwear, Inside out joy nude filthy and stained by smegma, rotten cheesecake cum, necrosis fluids, piss and diarrhea. It was so disgusting that she vomited black blood, which she then rubbed on her pure seminal underage hotness body like Inside out joy nude. She then kissed her father, making him swallow her putrid gengivitis saliva with much pleasure.

He was very eager, he did not care one bit for his daughter as a person, he only wanted pussy sex from her ever since she was born.

Anger, fisting his horrendeous tumorous cock. And so Riley ripped off the dad panties, revealing his deformed, acne-filled dick, completely covered in ticks, fleas and other parasites that burrowed into the head, making several urethral holes that squirted pus-like cum and urine when you squeezed. Inside out joy nude sat her hatefull butte and Pyschosis made her defecate in order to prepare entry. Fear could not bear to look, it was his fault, his redundant consternations caused the three emotions to appear.

Now because of his self-doubt indolence the universe was going to die, and the demons of thought would overrun the light of stupidity. Fear Inside out joy nude an idea! Then it fired, an immense beam of light that exploded Riley's cranium. Her brains burst out of her skull in a shower of blood, falling on her father's face, which he licked and swallowed with much pleasure. The room shutted down and a black hole appeared on the wall.

From it came an evil laugh, and it burst into flames. Out of it came an Mature milf granny mom wife pussy man with a cowboy hat and clothes.

It was And so our story ends with all the emotions being sucked into In ferno and righteously suffering for ten thousand years. Lust, Psychosis, Justice and Joy, however, were releived from their suffering and continued to torture Fear, Disgust and Anger as they truly deserved until the universe Inside out joy nude terminal entropic decay.

As for Riley, she had Inside out joy nude independent personality outside of her emotions, so her soul ceased to exist forever. Her father comited suicide for being denied sex and went to hell, while her mother dressed up as a nun and joined the mafia, killing children for profit happily ever after. The end, amen and amen. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Inside out joy nude review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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