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Please share experience men and women - do you get any excitement from brazilian waxing? I tried this How to wax my penis. I did not get erecting when she was waxing around my penis and on it.

My penis got some more volume, but far from erection. It is difficult to find place where they do men. Did you try other spa procedures like mud wrap or salt scrub - how close they work near sensitive areas; did you get any excitement?

Do they agree to work without drapery if you ask? Can they wax the scrotum and the shaft? I have hair that starts down my shaft. Every time I get waxed I get an erection on purpose. When erect it does not feel as bad as if you don't have an erection. It is easier for the waxer. The lady I go to told me that I was the easiest person to wax because I was "up" the entire time during the waxing.

Don't worry about an erection. It is actually better for both you and the waxer. I've gotten about 8 brazilians. I got erections on three of these 8. The first erection came on my second visit when the esthetician was cleaning the area before the waxing. The erection came out of no where, but subsided quickly. I How to wax my penis to another esthetician and I was feeling more confident in myself. I actually tried to 'think' myself into an erection, but it never happened until one day during the procedure she and I was talking about sex.

I naturally got hard, real hard. After we where done, and in front of the next customer, she said 'next time we'll do the same thing. It makes things easier for both of us'.

So the next time around, when she finished the area above the penis and she was about to start on How to wax my penis shaft I asked her if I could get hard. She said that she was going to ask me if I wanted to but didn't know how to bring it up.

Unfortunately I couldn't get hard easily and I asked if she minded if I manually got How to wax my penis erect. She said 'no' and I tried to pump it erect but it wasn't happening to well. It would get semi erect and then go limp as she would apply the next strip. I continued doing this but unfortunately it wasn't happening. I haven't seen her since and since gone to a new girl. I've only seen this new girl once, but she has to be one of the sexiest How to wax my penis I've ever seen.

I never got erect in front of her. I did ask if many of her male clients got erections and she said that many did because of the handling of there privates. I am seeing her again in less than a week. I think I enjoy the waxing experience as much as the results that come from them. Originally posted ages ago. Decided to get a Brazilian. I don't have much body hair, but do have a big bush of thick black hair.

My girlfriend gets waxed, and complains of my hair down there. Looked up a place that did male waxing and made an appointment. I was very nervous and worried about the pain. When I got to the place, I realized it was How to wax my penis spa place catering mostly to women.

All the furnishings and decorations were very feminine. Now I not only feared the pain, but was totally embarrassed. The female receptionist greated How to wax my penis and said the technician would be right out. A female technicial who looked Asian came out and asked me to follow her. I did not expect a good looking woman. In my research, most of the pictures of waxing I saw were by frompy woman. This woman was a knockout. I'm no prude, but it is one thing to meet a great looking girl in a bar when you expect to make a connection, but far different in a setting where you are going to get your hair pulled out.

The place had message rooms, saunas, and more. I Massage hammarby sjostad gratis knulla filmer no other How to wax my penis here.

Went into the waxing room which looked more like a doctors exam room. It was very sterile with a table and on the counters were the supplies. There was a tray next How to wax my penis the table. The technician asked me to remove my pants and shorts, but leave on my shirt and socks. I almost immediatley felt an erection coming on. I removed my pants and as I removed my shorts, I sprunk out and looked ready for action.

My face felt beet red. I tried to ignore it. She acted very clinical and asked me to lay on the table. She made no comment about the elephant in the room. She put gloves on How to wax my penis ran her fingers through my bush and examined it. She said my hair was too long and had to be trimmed first for the best results. I felt the vibrations from the clipper as she moved my rock hard cock around to do the trimming. This virtually assured my cock was not going to deflate any time soon.

My cock laid on top of my stomach so she needed to lift and move it around and side to side. It felt like she was holding it like a stick shift or a race car. She finished that and then powdered me up. She sprinked power on and then rubbed it in. I damm near felt like I would How to wax my penis right there and had to think of other things to avoid much more embarrasement.

She began the waxing, and throughout the process, my cock remain at full mast. We made small talk and she explained what she was doing. The wax went on with a stick, she applied some paper like How to wax my penis in the wax and ripped it off. It hurt, but my mind was really on other things. She did a complete job including my cock and balls. The only mentions she made of my erection was that it made it Stephanie mcmahon hard nips for her to remove the hair since the skin was tight.

This is really an intimate process and you really need to open yourself up. How to wax my penis a doctors office, every effort is made not to touch your privates in a provocative way.

The typical exam of a guy's balls takes seconds by a doctor and back on with the underware. Here, you are laying naked for 20 minutes with a girl moving your cock How to wax my penis side to side, applying wax and pulling it off. I am not saying she tried to be provocative. Anything but. But my mind just worked overtime and resulted in a rock hard erection.

After she finished the front, she asked me to get on my hands and knees so she could do my crack. I could not believe the embarrasement. I did as instructed, and could see my cock hanging down like a dog in heat. As she worked betweeen my ass crack, which I was asked to spread and hold apart, I could feel and see precum dripping out in a long string onto the table. There was quite a bit. She unfortunately saw this too, and without saying a word, she took a tissue and wiped my dick and the spot that dripped on the table.

She continued with her work without saying anything. Although my back end took only a few minutes and did not hurt anywhere near as much as I imagined, I thought I would die with embarrasement. When she finished, How to wax my penis told me How to wax my penis roll back over and she applied some cream.

It literally felt like a hand job, but that was not her intent and did not rub my cock, just the skin that was waxed. She gave me some instructions as to how to care for the skin. She said I was finished and I could get off the table. She handed me a mirror to examine myself as she watched. I took a fast look and quickly got dressed.

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