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Thanks for visiting! But where do you find the best game to hunt? Are you serious, kid? Sixty-six percent of Americans are either overweight or obese. But I digress. There are many places where you can swoop hippos with minimal work. My personal favorite is Walmart. The low low prices brought to you by minimum-wage worker drones and Chinese slave labor attract fat chicks far and wide looking to get the most out of their monthly EBT stipends.

All-you-can-eat restaurants are popular with fatties because they can stuff their jowls as Sexy milf at citi bank as they want for just ten, twenty dollars. Certain types of grocery stores and supermarkets are also great for meeting heifers. In other words, if you want to pick up a fat girl, you should check out How to fuck fat chicks like Tops or Fred Meyer, not Whole Foods or Wegmans.

The pubs on Burnet Avenue How to fuck fat chicks my hometown of Syracuse, New York are a great place to pick up fatties, for example. Advice: lock your car and hide all your valuables in the glove compartment before you head in the door. Keep in mind, though, that like all women, fat girls are more difficult to approach at night due to How to fuck fat chicks greater amount of sexual validation they get from horny dudes.

Think like a predator: does a cheetah chase after a herd of gazelles or does he go after the lone gazelle with a twisted ankle? In everything you do with her, you need to make her seek your approval. Never give her anything she wants straight away: make her work to gain your approval beforehand. Fat girls are assaulted with so much body-shaming on a regular basis that their self-esteem is usually in the basement.

Even card-carrying NAAFA members are fronting, a hard shell of confidence around a squishy, gelatinous center. Penetrating this outer shell will have even the toughest fat acceptance activist squealing to suck your dick in no time. Once your girl is enthralled by your masculine essence and non-judgmental nature, she will eagerly sleep with you. If this is the case, feel free to skip ahead to Chapter 4.

If the best you can pull is a How to fuck fat chicks, proceed to the next chapter to learn how to break down what little resistance she has left. Sign up for my email list and receive a free copy of Confessions of an Online Hustler and Writing for Peanuts, as well as biweekly newsletters featuring exclusive news you won't find anywhere else.

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