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Hey Guys, This is for capsman and ranger. Awesome upskirt footage of our panty gal Kim. Guilfoyle during the Friday show.

The Five Show played Nerf Basketball on set. Guys you gotta get the caps, Guilfoyle opened then pretty legs wide open and left nothing to imagination, I got it on my dvr and must say WOW, Kim gave the best upskirt in the history of FoxNews. Get the caps guys you will not believe the footage. Dangerous curves ahead!

Gretchen was the queen, now it is Anna. It is just a matter of the contracts Arent those the same pics from last week only super enhanced? Not that I'm complaining, as an upskirt is an upskirt but in this case it was just a slip up literally on her part. So in my humble opinion, enjoy the pics but no point in getting overly excited about them.

She Gretchen carlson upskirts com truly the queen as we may never see another Gretch ever again. There's only one the same cap from last week, these are enhance and frame by frame. Just enjoy Gretch now soon she'll fade. Please change that Agency colchester escort essex for a chick or at least some dude who doesn't sound like an idiot!

OOOhhh laaalaaa Gretchen!!!!! She is and always be the queen; not Anna! Another advantage Gretchen has is her pretty and smart face!!! You can't top that along with her thick and luscious assets! I hope Gretchen's contract is renewed!!! This is why we love Fox News. This is the only channel where news ladies like Gretch and Kimberly spread the news for Gretchen carlson upskirts com thru their legs.

Who cares about the news by the way. I only watch them because of those camera shots other channels Gretchen carlson upskirts com show that much. What do you guys think Bryan K. Also, Kimberley did a fantastic job in putting a huge downward drop for the crazy glue industry!!!

Not to mention Gretchen this morning showing up the curvy couch with her white on to help the aphrodisiac business as well!!!

Cap man, some Cheryl Casone caps, please! Guys I got the whole episode on my DVR and let me tell ya she gave Brian Kilmeade Gretchen carlson upskirts com green light and basically the garage door opener to guilfoyle paradise in this episode. Its in the caps that DJ got for us she was having a moisture issue in those panties, its evident in the caps, I have never seen a woman spread her legs wide open in front of the camera's for the whole world to view her goodies.

Kimberly is awesome. Thank you DJ. I did not know Guilfoyle was a gymnist and so flexible with those pretty legs, has anyone ever seen a woman spread their legs so wide on national tv wearing a dress in front of the camera's. I always thought Andrea was the hotter than Kim.

However, after looking at the caps above. She is head and shoulders above Ms Tantaros. Andrea is another glue factory worker. It's waste Gretchen carlson upskirts com good eye candy, if you just sit there stiff as board all the time. Thank you Gretchen, Kimberly and Nicole P. You ladies Gretchen carlson upskirts com I hope Kimberlys pics stay readily available forever Gretchen carlson upskirts com all about Kimberly and nothing to do with Gretch Hey June 11 pm, Its a free speech blog.

I'll mention Gretchen the queen when ever I feel like it. Thanks again Dj and capsman. I like that comment re: free speech; mentioning Gretchen and Kimberly together; etc.

PAB again today! It looks like Gretchen will get a rare win in a red mini-dress today but I am hoping she goes back to her french maid look soon. Gretchen Carlson rocks!!!!! Gretchen Carlson rules!!!!! I don't care what these chicks do to play catch-up to her or tries to!!!!! The Sexy Queen always wins!!!!! I told you she'll come back strong against all of her competitors!!!!! Wednesday morning she wore a smoking hot sleeveless short, tight red dress and forgot all about crazy glue!!!!!

She made that business take a screeching halt for one day and made the aphrodisiac business rise high like today's Gretchen carlson upskirts com ratings along with her hemline!!!!! That's why I love her so much because she Gretchen carlson upskirts com lets her competition let her nor keep her down!!!!! Capman, you've got your job cut out for you this Wednesday!!!!! Her "Royal Thighness" looked lovely this morning.

Love how her dress rises up when she sits on the curvy couch. I was half asleep this morning while watching. However, I think she showed her panties again. During the Normal or Nuts Gretchen carlson upskirts com. Brian got up to move his seat and Gretchen got up also, parting her thick thighs. Once again, I was a little foggy, but I thought I saw her white panties. Can anyone confirm this? OOOhhhh yes!!!!! You saw right; my friend!!!!! She showed Nude surfer surfing naked lovely white Bermuda triangle during the Normal or Nuts segment!!!

This one put all of those young chippies to shame!!!!! Indeed, Gretch was sizzling red hot in her skimpy red dress. Wanna' bet she cracked a lotta' nuts. I'm worried, yesterday The 5 were sitting behind a desk covering everyones legs. In other words no way can there be a leg show of any sorts. Was Kimberlys wonderful showing signifying the end?

I hope not Kimberly was a classic the other day!!! She really earned the title Gretchen carlson upskirts com super MILF!!! Hi Guys, We are in the panty zone, hubba,hubba,hubba The Sexy Swede Gretchen Carlson is taking these young honey's to school my fellow pantyholics. To JUNE 12 a. Man you so called it right, you must be psychic. Gretchen definitely showed up the super glue using young honey Anna who, who cares her Thighness is back with a vengence and rules the curvy couch.

TO the comment about the set the five was in Washington DC for a special show. Angie T. Gretchen hasn't lost her job yet. I'll bet she knows what she needs to do to keep it, but hasn't decided yet. Her heels need to be an inch or two higher, her skirts an inch or two shorter and her lip gloss needs to be as shiney as possible.

Will she do it? Who knows, but she definitely knew she was providing a "target rich" environment when she bent over to pick up the bowling ball! This was a great week for upskirts I hope theres a way to recall these pics because I never want them to go away but I guess theres a link. This week the crazy glue industry took a huge blow and loss!

I mean, its sales really took a huge nosedive!!!!! Many thanks to our favorite Fox News Divas!!!!! Just wanted to add DJ, the micro pantyshot of Gretch, the Kimberly caps alone, excellent work. Gretchen Carlson wrapped up the week beautifully by consistently raising the show's ratings! PAB on Red Eye tonight, lots of curves, lots of brains, and a little black dress! Classy, classic, sexy!

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