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Melissa Theuriau is probably the only reporter you could pop a boner to while a montage of amputated children, brutalized women and massacred husbands played in a little box next to her head. Hottest Frenchie in the world. Damn, she is just beautiful. Not sure why she is with monkey-boy, though. He looks more interested in a nap than her, which is French news anchor melissa theuriau nude. He crippled balls ought to be shot off for this. Why is such a hot woman hanging out with that skinny, hairy little toothpick?

Is that what French women consider attractive? You are so sad. Seriously, he is a great artist, a very important people in France. First, because he is talented and then because he works a lot! Melissa Theuriau is French news anchor melissa theuriau nude, she could marry all billionaire she wants.

Frustration can be so mean. You are exactly right, but the people posting cruel things are French news anchor melissa theuriau nude, and there are a LOT of very nasty English people.

I know because I am one. Ce sont vous les singes!!!! Et encore moins un Singe! Train accident. La jalousie vous bouffe bande de sales racistes. More sexiness after the jump. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. Notify of. Filthy American.

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