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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply This is my first fic, so you know it. I Hope you enjoy! And of course Disney hercules meg nude comics life is a new one, he has a family now One- Shot.

Left with no other choice, the thunder god must find a new underworld deity, or will Hades return just in time to stop the newest applicants? One of whom is willing to do anything to get away from her mother's shadow. AU where Hades decides to take human form to get close Hercules so he can kill Disney hercules meg nude comics. Instead falls Hades in love with him like Megara did in canon. I prefer if Hercules would become immortal so they could Nude boobs photos of pron star together.

All This And Olympus Too by NeferNeferNefer reviews How does one start living their 'happily ever after', especially with intervening deities, hordes of obsessive fangirls and just that mundane, everyday mayhem, that some people refer to as life? Meg and Hercules are about to find out. Too bad she is already promised to marry someone else. An AU version of Disney's Hercules. The New Teacher by VioletsforOphelia reviews In order to graduate on time and become the hero he's always dreamed, Hercules must find a way to pass his new horticultural studies class, i.

Seems easy enough right? Except there's one issue: earning an A becomes slightly more difficult when the Lord of the Dead kidnaps your teacher. In fact, nobody has seen Hades. What happens when the Lord of the Dead returns? Herculese A True Hero by Day Long time ago in ancient Greece where Herculese had to prove that she is a true hero in order for her to come back home to Mount Olympus. Meanwhile Hadesssa: Goddess of the dead plans to take over the cosmos and overthrow Zu.

It was up to Herculese to save both her home and the world. When Hel breaks loose by H'ckaHighwater reviews Hercules was beginning to look forward to a guy's weekend out after receiving Disney hercules meg nude comics invitation to a Germanic festival from the Norse gods, but he did not expect everything to go downhill so soon, and to be bamboozled by yet another Nordic Deity.

Testaments of Death by Writer'sTable reviews Every creature in the Underworld has a story about their master. Whether they were involved or just an onlooker, each resident will share their most memorable tale involving Hades.

No king would ever please all of his subjects, it was just horribly sobering to realize those whispers came from Hades. But when a modern girl is watching it, fate somehow transports her in the film! So now she has to survive high school, a snobbish prince, monsters, and Hades! Can she survive?

Will she twist the story around? Will she be Hercules's friend or Hades's ally? Yet Another Grecian Myth by Fae reviews When Hercules feels a little insecure following Hades's defeat, he goes to the temple of Zeus only to find Disney hercules meg nude comics that there are more tasks needed for him to complete. Hercules now has to deal with strategizing a plan to defeat these new enemies, not letting himself be drowned by his fame, and taking care of Meg who has yet to tell him of her pregnancy.

Legacy Disney hercules meg nude comics Hercules by fantasylov3r reviews Sequal to the Family Secret. With the hero gone, life is becoming dangerous. Two boys stand in their Disney hercules meg nude comics. But first, inner Disney hercules meg nude comics must be overcome. Will they succeed or be crush under the earth's weight? Plight of Persephone by Agent of Teal reviews After the Titan 'incident' Hades is outcast and alone, he comes across Persephone who is also lonely and something sparks.

Can they really make it work, or will the many obsticles threatening to break them apart succeed Rated T as it gets a little dark T and Hades had always loathed arrogance. Time for him to lay on the retribution. But that's not all that's getting on his wick! Melinoe has a boyfriend but she doesn't want her hot-headed father to find out who it is, why Disney hercules meg nude comics You better read to find out!

She plans to start fresh, but that's not the case. She will face new enemies; be stuck in weird situations; and forced to choose between two men, who hate one another. Whose side will she choose? The Good or the Bad? Playing with Fire by Mezame reviews For his freedom from the River Styx, Hades is forced to make a deal with a mortal.

Not accustom to being on equal terms with a mortal woman, he's going to have to 'play his cards right' in order to get the 'upper hand' The same goes for Mezame, the curious female who's only desire is his company. Read this to find out! Guaranteed to make you laugh XD. The Fire Within Us by bloodyrose reviews Hades just wanted for once to have things his Disney hercules meg nude comics. All Rayne wants is to Disney hercules meg nude comics home.

However she makes a deal with the devil himself in order to find a way back to her domain. With the fire of a dragon and phoenix Rayne proves otherwise.

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