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A huge pregnant belly is not always a standard and as a rule is a sign of pathology. A sphere-shaped belly is often a symptom of hydramnios, infectious diseases, high blood sugar level, abnormal fetal positionor a multiple pregnancy. Only doing additional tests can shed light on the situation: prove or refute this or that hypothesis. The developing embryo, the increasing volume of the amniotic fluidthe growing Hq pic post free nude — all these aspects affect the size of your belly.

Since the 20 th week of pregnancy, your gynecologist measures the circumference of your pregnant belly and the uterine fundus according to a schedule. These measurements help them understand how fast the fetal development is going on. If your belly is too big or too Big pregnant huge belly compared to the norm, it can be a sign telling of Big pregnant huge belly possible pathology of some kind.

In this case, a thorough medical examination is required. So, what does a huge pregnant belly tell us about and what are the causes of the too big abdomen during pregnancy? Medical experts say that a huge pregnant belly can be a consequence of the following factors of influence:. Hydramnios is one of the most widespread causes of a huge pregnant belly. The excess amount of the amniotic fluid can lead to a number Big pregnant huge belly unhappy outcomes: a spontaneous abortionpremature birthlate toxemiagastrointestinal tract and CNS defects in the baby.

We should mention that the increased amount of amniotic fluid is a key factor among those Big pregnant huge belly the formation of a huge pregnant belly. Because of hydramnios, there is a few times more space inside of the womb than there Winny the poop milftoon be, which can result in a wrong fetal position for instance, breech presentationa huge pregnant belly.

The presence of infectious diseases in the female body or placental maldevelopment contributes to the abnormal maturation of the Faith hustler club detroit. Due to this, the woman can have a too small or, to the contrary, huge pregnant belly.

Another aspect which can affect the formation of a huge pregnant belly is metabolic disturbance sometimes it occurs due to high blood sugar. Pregnant women quickly gain a lot of weight, and a large fetus is developing. Uncontrolled eating, unbalanced dietand laziness during pregnancy lead to the too fast weight gain and the formation of a huge pregnant belly. Most often Big pregnant huge belly huge pregnant belly forms during a multiple pregnancy.

Around the 28 th weekthe volume of the belly reaches its antenatal size, growing during weeks to its greatest extent. There is an opinion that the belly is larger during the second and third pregnancies than during the first one, and the fetus is bigger as well. Each pregnancy is unique and goes on according to its own schedule.

But often the opinion is true, and every time the woman gets pregnant her belly becomes a bit bigger than during the last gestation period, the baby being born bigger too. A huge pregnant belly during the second pregnancy can also be explained by the fact that the uterine and abdominal muscles are weakened after childbirth of the first little one and are Big pregnant huge belly giving in under the fetal weight.

That makes your belly look flabby and large. During the first trimesterthe circumference of the abdomen is as big as that of a five-months-pregnant woman. Medical experts believe that each pregnancy is unique and the reaction of the female body to the changes, hormonal adjustments is completely individual. Some women have rounded belly early in pregnancy, some women have a quite flat abdomen until the very time of childbirth.

But such an attitude is leading to a quick weight gain of the mother no the unborn child! You need to keep to a healthy and balanced pregnancy diet : your gynecologist and — if necessary — a nutritionist will help to organize a nice eating schedule.

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