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Do you have two nipples and zero bras? Please no see through shirts or wife beaters. Sorry pal, all those hot trampy fun sluts that submit their pics to the dar- They dont actually like fat chivers, they want abs and money ust like the rest of Big nipples see through bra. Have fun. You know if you said 29 like everyone else down here does, it would show the picture in your comment….

He's the only guy NOT looking at it…. Your grandpa may have already fapped to this. Mull that over. You posted your picture on a website…filled with a shit on of people. What did you expect…honestly. I used to know this girl, her name is Julia but for the life of me I cant remember her last name. Okay this is the chivette you claim to know, my name is NOT julia and now you do not know me. My name is no where near Julia lmfao.

Who gives a shit! God i hate stupid people who post stupid comments like this moron. Looking at women and enjoying them for being sexy is the exact Big nipples see through bra of being a pervert because it is normal Big nipples see through bra acceptable to most.

If that Big nipples see through bra indeed toe, I'm runnin. Thanks for taking the edge off workweeks, Chive! I have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Upload Profile. Like this post?

Can we get some of these girls on your dating site please? Ur Forever alone. I'd let her take advantage of me. Stacy McMahonsuper hot! Australian Super-Bike and Fitness model. Its a man with a boob job. I think she is in fact wearing a bra, I think though that I do not care. Simply put? I don't think you would have a choice. Thank God for bewbs! Beer man. Hump day is my fav but this burn your bra thursday is just wow!!!!!!!

I prefer all white with a little doodoo stain. Nature's scents get Big nipples see through bra going. Guesty's Mom. Now son. Get back in Big nipples see through bra basement and change your panties.

I bet you would look good in that Chris…am I right? Probably, but I don't think you guys would wanna see me wear that…. I'd like to volunteer. I can support that… with both hands as well. Agreed, I would lend the second hand. If she were a story, she'd be a cliff hanger… and I'd looove to read it.

Moar pleeeze!!! No 29 was taken in Nice, South of France from a balcony with a sea view, i used to live in Nice.

Nipples are my favorite! Yeah When i first saw it while scrolling I had to take a closer look. Chive on!!! Who is this? Girl in Pic. Fun with Numbers. I see some nipple rings…. For the love of God Who is 16? Johnny Two Toes. Mandy from Planet Mandy. Boob Man. Tuff Guy. What do you know about TUFF?

Not much, but I know wishing for a girlfriend isn't a defining characteristic…. Big Steve. Finally I was starting to get withdrawals. Cool story, no bras. And closer please! Am i right?

Love the Chivettes! Best, D. Deep Thoughts. A BiPolar Guy. Holy Hell. Makes me wish I could fly, for some reason. Come to Nice, France and you can see her. Burned bra, downblouse, and legs. That's a hand. Show More Comments Close Comments. Daily Weekender. Login Sign Up. Login with Facebook or fill out the form below Username. Sign up using Facebook we won't post anything without permission or fill out the form below Email. Verify password.

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