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I make my husband wear adult diaper. When he used to come back from the bath room, the front of his pyjama pants was wet. I would snuggle up to him and feel him and it was ikky. I told him that was really gross.

One day I just bought a pack of adult diapers and told him to try one. He does not wet them but it does stop his pants getting that wet patch. I actually now enjoy snuggling up and feeling him through the diaper. I randomly began wetting the bed after nights out or on days I worked extended hours.

I seem to be a heavy sleeper and tend not to wake up at times to use the restroom. A few months back my wife asked I start wearing diapers to bed after a night out or after working long hours.

My wife has been supper supportive. I too have Adult diaper like video wear who my husband back in nappies due to his constant wet patches in his pajamas, at first he was dead against it but after me explaining to him that it would help with his little problem he reluctantly agreed to it.

I started him in disposable ones and have now regressed him into towelling nappies and introduced vinyl pants as extra protection. How long before you put him in towelling and vinyl pantsand how did he react?

You sound like your enjoying babying your husband. Start bottle feeding him formula laced with dietetics every hour he will soon be wetting uncontrollably. Then breastfeed him telling him to call you Adult diaper like video wear who. If you have a guest room a nursery would be the next step.

A adult crib and changing table diaper pail would top the list. Introduce nursery print plastic baby panties. When in the house baby hubby should only be allowed to wear diapers and plastic baby panties and a shirt. To remind him of his baby status his diapers Adult diaper like video wear who be visible at all times.

Then if you want to make him more submissive add some adorable rumba baby panties and a short baby dress to show off his pretty plastic panties. Good luck what a Lucy hubby. Our daughter is 15,going on 16,and she wets the bed about two to three times a week,so we make her wear cloth diapers and adult size rubberpants[plasticpants] to bed every night.

To make sure that they are on properly,i put them on her at bedtime. I rub baby lotion on her first,then apply the baby powder,then pin the diapers on her then pull the rubberpants up her legs and over the diapers. I have to confess that i like putting them on her and making her like a baby at bedtime! She is ok with the diapers and Adult diaper like video wear who. She enjoys being babied buy her an adult sized crib and changing table transform her bedroom into a nursery.

Add rumba baby plastic panties with lots of lace. Nursery print plastic baby panties. Give her diuretics 3 times a day so she starts to wet during the day. Buy her short skirts that show off. Put a vibrio in her diaper and bring her to multiple climaxes to form a permanent diaper bonding baby The world need more mothers like you.

You should buy her a crib and changing table transform her room into a nursery. Just in case she has an accident. Put diuretics in her ba-ba so she wets during the day. I put my husband in diapers nearly five years ago because he would sit and wet his pants while playing his Adult diaper like video wear who. The final straw was when he had diarrhea and waited too long before getting up Beautiful middle eastern women go to the toilet, and messed his underwear.

I bought some adult Naruto sex granny boobs briefs and insisted he try wearing them. I was shocked when he agreed and put one on. There were obvious signs that he was enjoying the experience. I made sure he have every reason to enjoy it also. We both have changed as a result of him wearing diapers.

My maternal feelings have flourished and I now mother him in many ways. He has become more submissive and yearns for Dragon ball bulma chi chi porn guidance and discipline. He has become my baby in so many ways, as I have become a mommy figure to him.

He doesn't act like a baby, he just enjoys being treated like one. He loves getting his diaper changed. In return for treating him like a baby he takes care of all the housework and domestic duties. Adult diaper like video wear who loves to do that while wearing a t-shirt and diaper, or sometimes he will wear a little baby style dress I have sewn for him. He is so cute in his pretty dresses and diapers.

I love it when he wears a dress that lets his diaper peek out from beneath it. You really should convert a bedroom to. This will bring you even closer. Diapers promote harmony and obedience. Try giving him a ba-ba at bedtime he will definitely wake up wet. Think about buying a crib that will bring him to a new level of submission!

I would love it if she would diaper me. My name is David i am 57 year Adult diaper like video wear who i am kinda jealious i wish i was being treat like your husband i am very submissive i do enjoy cooking and cleaning house and because of a back injury i wet my self and bed. Be careful what you wish for David.

When it started it was because of the odd dribble after I used the toilet in the night, just incontinence pads during the night. But then it just went from there.

I'm now in thick white plastic diapers that crinkle when I walk or move. And Big boob fat girl porn have plastic pants that I have to wear over the top. Every day is humiliating. Mine started our with just a little wetness and bed wetting also. Now stuck in diapers I do not know how to get out. The doctor says, it diapered so bad; you ate finally emptying? I now keep my husband in diapers day and Adult diaper like video wear who. He used to wet the bed occasionally, and that led to night diapers.

As he got older, he started to dribble during the day, and I would see wet spots on his pants. So he wears disposable diapers during the day. Talking to his mother, he has always had a wetting problem. I think more men have wetting issues than we are aware of. I enjoy the intimacy, and tend to treat him as my baby. I wish my wife though as you do I have an enlarged bladder and I am a diabetic. Diapers are Adult diaper like video wear who must for me.

My wife and I were talking to a close friend of ourswho was staying over night with her son. The friend made a comment that her 13 year old son was a bed wetter, and needs diapers nightly. My wife said," Jerry has wetting problems also, right honey" I was so shocked at the confession I could only say "sometimes I can't hold It" My wife said "no not the daytime accidents but your night soakings.

He also wears cloth diapers and plastic pants every night". My wife and her friend made sure her son and I wore our wet diapers to breakfast the next morning. Later that day we went shopping and only I was diapers.

So upsetting. She should put snaps in the legs of all your pants for easy changing. Get you a nice big crib nursery print plastic baby panties a high chair would be nice. Diapers are a blessing for pants wetters like you.

You have a mommy to diaper you show some gratitude. I wish was put in diapers by your wife or lady friend at bed time i am bed wetter David 57 old from rhode island email blaird gmail. Did you also wet when you where out shopping? My wife's told her son that "Don't be upset, my husband needs diapers and plastic panties every night, he has no control and soaks himself every night.

I wet my diaper in traffic and walking to stores. She should buy you a Adult diaper like video wear who. Confine you to a playpen and have you watch Sesame Street. Keep you in short dresses for easy Adult diaper like video wear who rumba panties to very thick cloth diapers would make Adult diaper like video wear who a very happy baby.

Thank you for replying, did it make him feel better knowing you also wear diapers to bed? Also how did you feel knowing that you both had breakfast in wet diapers?

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