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Last Halloween, Corban was two, and very into Bob the Builder. So it was no surprise that he wanted to dress up as Bob the Builder for Halloween. We considered using painted boxes to turn him into Scoop or Muck, but Adult bob the builder costumes wanted him to be able to easily carry Larkin, so we decided to go with Spud the Scarecrow. So we just needed the hat and tool kit. The construction hat is actually a real construction hat, but you can cinch the inside straps tight enough to fit a toddler.

The color was a perfect match. For the tail, I actually ironed and stretched it quite a bit with stuffing to get the dots out. For the ears, I decided not to worry about it.

By the way, toss a black tank top under your Wendy shirt, and you have a breastfeeding friendly costume! Then I added the lines for where stripes would be and labeled the pieces Blue 1, Black 1, etc.

I cut out all the pieces, traced them onto the blue and black fabric, cut those out, and did the same in reverse. So each blue stripe is two pieces of fabric, and each black stripe is two pieces of fabric. I sewed the stripes together for the two sides of the tail, then sewed the two sides together inside out, leaving a few holes for poking stuffing into.

I turned the tail right side out and was ready to stuff it with Poly fil. I sewed the ears, tail, and stripes onto the bunting with large stitches, so they could be easily removed later if we wanted to. The Wendy costume for me was really easy. I just needed to find a lime green shirt and Adult bob the builder costumes signature red button earrings. But any long sleeved lime green shirt will do.

The finally touches were pulling the hair back, and adding one of my husbands belts. Then I started making layers of paper mache using Sta-Flo liquid starch and flour. SO, you should plan at least a week to make the spud head so you can dry each layer one at a time, Adult bob the builder costumes do my cobbled together quick fix of bunching Adult bob the builder costumes foil that you Tiffany taylor near beach nude later pull out to have the head still be hollow.

Once I had a good head shape, I used a sheet of burlap from the bottom to top, pulling and gathering the edges together and holding them in place with a sturdy rubber band from a bunch of asparagus!

I used the Stay-Flo mix on the burlap as well so it would stay nice and stiff, except where it was held together at the top. Then I had him put it on and touch on the outside where his eyes were. I marked those with a sharpie, and then cut out a smile that would be right over his eyes. The eyes were painted on with acrylic paint which is super cheap at Walmart. The final costume pieces were jeans Old vs young tube a belt.

This is really because my ball popped and the head shrunk, but it worked because it made him seem taller and more scarecrow like. Feel free to leave a comment in the post linking to photos, or tag us on Instagram with EatingRichly.

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